Chopping Board Experience Gets Better

So how about this, a chopping board that features strategic slits. Why? So that you can use the same board as an impromptu colander and rinse out the veggies without any fuss! Very helpful and a easy to store, this simplistic board is made with polypropylene, which is flexible and skid-proof.

Filter Plate is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designers: Weng Hao-Gin & Ke Shiang-Yin


  • Jimmy C says:

    Pretty clever. But needs some work: what happens if you cut the cutting board? It is pretty thin.

  • mind-me says:

    Thats a stupid idea, why would you need to wash something after chopping? You do the washing before the cutting… And what happens with small pieces on the board? Its a waste of products really….

  • Roman says:

    Vegetables that grown in sandy soil such as bok choy and leeks need to be chopped first to get at the interior and between the layers to get to the dirt to wash off.

    It’s also messier when cutting wet items on a cutting board as then the pieces stick to the broad and/or other things get wet. It’s faster to chop items first then wash than to wash first and let dry.

    I will admit this is ideal for dry vegetables. Don’t think this will be good for wet items like meats and tomatoes.

  • mind-me says:

    But if you chop dirty veggies the soil may get even deeper into the food right? And then – you wash out all the vitamins with juice that is leaking from the cuts….

    Wash veggies before and separate the leafs that may be hiding bits of soil. Do not contaminate the whole product with dirt!

  • Oh wow! The fact that you can bend the cutting board is such a cool feature. Now I want one…lol!

  • Rawwhale says:

    Why can’t you use this to wash your vegetables before you cut?

    I think it’s too small for me, but I understand how it works best in this form (anything bigger and it would flop around and spill everything). I think it works for a very very narrow range of vegetables but it does the job well.

    I’ll stick to my colander and a regular cutting board for sure… cheap, ultra-durable and universal!

  • victorious says:

    not a good idea..not for the person who really cook..also, given any durable material available, board will not last for sure.

  • Shokhzod says:

    It’s gonna drip water/juice all over the countertop and get it messy. i hate when that happens. i think the bend feature – good, holes in the middle – not good.

  • Beowulf says:

    This belongs to the category of useless products that are created just to make money for the designer. You will use it a couple of times, then put it away along with all those other items that you never use.

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