Sanitary Street Dogs

Big cities (like Los Angeles, where I live) are known for their street hot dogs, but I’ve avoided ever trying one because I can’t get over wondering where the heck those guys wash their hands?! For germophobes like me, the Rango Hot Dog Stand was designed with hygiene in mind. It utilizes special food compartments and hands-free condiment dispensers that allow the “building” of the dogs to be done without ever touching the food. It also has a small sink for washing hands!

Designer: Telma Mafra


  • Joe Blogg says:

    Missing the point!

    Street dogs are unsanitary due to the people working the stands having nowhere to pee!

    *except for their bottle

  • florence says:

    Cool !! But the small wheel in the front might be a problem whenever you have to roll this cabinet onto the wavy streets of NYC!

  • Hunter says:

    Missing the point!
    Hot dogs are unsanitary when they come from the factory!

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