Where Art Thou Alfa Romeo?

I have always found the look of Alfa Romeos to be odd… not bad, but very recognizable! This concept by designer Vincent Montreuil stays true to its inspiration, the 1965 Alfa Giulia GTA, & maintains the same quirky styling. The primary objective of the design was lightness, & the vehicles weighs in at only 1760lbs despite its 200hp output (a better power/weight ratio than a BMW Z4M). The lightness is reflected in front & rear openings that give the impression that air passes directly through the car. 

Designer: Vincent Montreuil


  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that 1965. Alfa GTA was coupe with 4 seats, not a sports car like Z4 with only 2.
    Also, the design looks like a child of Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept and BMW Z4. Or if 2uettottanta would be next Spider, than this would be next Brera (then again, there are 2 seats less in it).
    Also #2, the name Giulia will be (probably) used for the upcoming 159 replacement.
    Also #3, maybe in USA you can drive without car plates on front part of the car, but in Europe, you can’t; Alfa always leaves some space for them in front (mid of the bumper, or on the side of it) – you should evolve the design a bit more so the car plates would fit.
    Looking at doors, I guess they’re supposed to be gullwing (taking too much roof space) – I’d change them to Lambo doors – more practical, less roof is wasted, less space they take when opening, less heavier they are.
    With all that said, I still think this is a nice design study. I especially like the way rear lamps are hidden under the ‘spoiler’, like at Ferrari FF for example; and that contrasting black colour unlike in the 2uettottanta concept.
    Keep up good work.

  • Willy says:

    Thanks for share this article, i like this..good job guys

  • e says:

    that looks nothing like the gta – i can’t see any influence in this design. looks like a rip of the bmw z4

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