Get Sticky!

Gotta love these uber-cute stickers! Gecko Stickers are decorations that glow in the dark. From a nighttime cityscape to peering eyeballs, all 10 designs are sure to be a conversation starter that’s fun for the whole family. Get ’em here!

Designer: Gecko


  • RCoelho says:

    One way to personalize spaces!

    A “brilliant” idea but in some cases may present some risks for children, particularly in the electrical outlet. Children will feel attracted by the sticker.

  • Maryline says:

    This is great. It reminds me of those glowing stars kids stick on their walls/ceilings.

  • James says:

    Could you not just buy glow in the dark paint and then you can do whatever designs you want. I agree that the plug socket sticker would do the opposite of the design intended.

  • Hunter says:

    A good alternative, although paint is more permanent.
    I remember back when I was five and wanted glow-in-the-dark stars to light up my ceiling.
    Now, sixteen years later, they’re still there.

  • Hunter says:

    Just wish that there were more options.

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