This One’s for Mr. Rams

For reasons best known to them Braun hasn’t yet re-entered the entertainment segment. For the moment it’s just appliances, grooming & healthcare products and design competitions from their end. So if they were to venture into the entertainment market, how do you think their speakers or an iPod docking station be? Tim Wieland has a fair view of how he’d like them to shape their speakers + dock and I think it’s very Dieter Rams.

Designer: Tim Wieland


  • enrico says:

    really nice!

  • Quintin says:

    The stand looks like a very wide Apple Cinema Display stand.

    I don’t understand why the cable comes out the bottom and goes through a hole in the stand; why not have it come out the back?

  • Maro says:

    Great design… looks the inspiration comes also from Apple

  • geester says:

    It’s massive. Its a Apple device with a Braun logo. Cable appearing from the bottom for no reason. Pointless, except for he’s built himself something he can use. Young designers, avoid the Apple “Look” it won’t get you a job their.

  • Teto says:

    apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple
    something else?

  • Freddy says:

    Cable lets you down here unfortunately, otherwise its a great piece.

  • camillo says:

    hate hate hate ??

    like Picasso AND Mr Apple used to say
    “Good artists copy, genius steal”

    and btw
    hating on design blogs wont become you a designer at all;)

    nice work tim!

  • Teto says:

    I’m sorry, before i said: “apple apple apple”. It’s my fault!! RAMS RAMS RAMS
    good job

  • Derp says:

    I saw it live and fell in in love with it…
    not only the design but the sound! It’s UBER!

    And to all those HURR DURR STOLE IT FROM APPLE.
    Please do some research beforehand than to just burb out the first things that come to your mind!

    Geester it’s the other way round :
    Apple products are basically braun devices (Rams) with an apple logo on it. What’s the point?

    No offence though!


  • Maze says:

    Nice work Tim,
    I actually like the cable coming out that way.
    Yes it’s very Apple/Braun/Rams. But that was the whole idea right?
    It looks good and I bet it sounds good too.
    Thumbs up!

  • Kevin Parry says:

    That was my FIRST impression too. Think they got tripped up copying the iMac

  • morgan says:

    white front iPod hi-fi with an iMac stand stuck to the bottom?

  • Jamie Josef Fry says:

    Its not very Braun, if the detailing wasnt that directly taken from an iMac it might be deemed more Braun… I get Braun and Apple have similar styles and ethos but when detailing (and function – the speakers on the iMac) are taken so directly its impossible to look past that, As a styling exercise just change the project title to “this ones for Johnny Ive” and I’ll be happy with that… Its a nice enough as an apple concept! run along and do some iPhone six concept renders 😉

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