Tripod Bike

Inspired by the camera tripod, the T-Bike provides a unique solution for custom fitting a bike to individual users. Three sliding mechanisms located on the front fork, center frame, and rear wheel bar can be adjusted and locked to the rider’s preference. As an added bonus (and a nod to its inspiration), the bike also features a camera mount located between the handle bars!

Designer: Reza Rachmat Sumirat


  • Quintin says:

    Interesting concept, but why the tiny wheels?

    You give people a way to size the frame so it is comfortable and then force them to use tiny uncomfortable wheels.

  • brian t says:

    I’m getting a strange sense of deja vu here … there are fundamental structural reasons why current bike frames look the way they do: a series of triangles, with loads applied the apexes (points) of the triangles. It’s not arbitrary, nor is it done for aesthetic reasons.

    Any time you apply a load anywhere but the ends of a member, as is the case with the pedal mounting here, you’re inducing a bending moment in that member. There is a leverage effect i.e the member’s material is subjected to a *multiple* of the force, at its surface. Make the frame out of triangles (i.e. a truss) and you don’t have that problem.

    No shock absorbers, no air in the tires … this bike will snap in two as soon as you hit a bump! Yes, you could make it strong enough by using exotic materials, but that just adds cost, weight and complexity for no good reason.

  • eno says:

    and tbh if any phtographer wants to use a tripod they bring a real tripod that is secure enough to put their potentially very expensive camera on 🙂

    but make a way to mount a dslr to an ordinary bikes handle and i would be all for it , you would just have to weather proof it too so that going for a ride with the camera shooting video wouldnt mean that a shower of rain would kill the equipment.

  • AndyChuck says:

    I’m sick of seeing various bike concepts popping up on YD. It seems that the designers have never ridden a bike and don’t know the first thing about what biking in the real world entails.

    The first problem with this design is that the camera mount seems permanent. This is faulty for two reasons. The first is that if you’re using it to shoot when you are not moving, why not just get a tripod. The second problem is that if you are trying to shoot when you are moving the picture would be terrible. Most bikers have helmet cams for a reason. There is less vibration on your head when you are riding and it gives you independent control.

    The second problem is the frame. It’s a joke. Having so many adjustable points ruins its stiffness. It would be a willowy and heavy frame and completely useless for any real riding. Also having the seat move forward as it goes up is ridiculous. Seat tubes are angled backwards for a reason. The taller a rider is the longer their reach is and therefore needs to be moved away from the handlebars.

    Thirdly, the wheels are way too small and the spokes are vertical. In order to create a strong wheel, the spokes need to attach at the end of the hubs, not in the middle! As soon as you hit a bump going around a turn your wheels are going to snap.

    Bikes can be well designed an functional, but they are made the way they are for a reason.

  • momms says:

    i think it looks cool, and the camera mount is gimmickey but fun.

    However, I don’t understand why you would want a bike that adjusts like that. In the smallest setting in picture 5 it’s obvious that the geometry would be screwed, and look at the position of the seat relative to the pedals!

  • Paul Vans says:

    This looks strange??

  • johnnyi says:

    AndyChuck said all there needs to say with his second point…the seat goes farther back the lower it goes. nonfunctional design.

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  • This is a great idea. But not practical for babies. But an adult version would sell for sure.

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