What’s Your Pee Telling You?!

There’s no denying it! We’ve all monitored our urine’s day to day qualities and wondered what it’s telling us! It’s smart to do so. The E-Urinal is a concept that will finally tell you. It measures PH, SG, URO, BLO, WBC, PRO, GLI, BIL, & KET (basically: sugar levels, PH, red/white blood cells, etc.) all while you pee! Just let it rip and check out your health score on the easy touch screen! Just remember to wash your hands…

We wanna know- would YOU use this in public? At home? Why or why not?

Designer: Royce Zhang


  • mind-me says:

    The concept of touching urinal is very unhygienic! You should think about other means of displaying results or controlling the screen

  • CM says:

    nice idea !

  • daniel says:

    no touch screen please!

  • Tim says:

    “She can give you…” Please do NOT personify a urinal. Communication is a powerful weapon. If you don’t use it properly it will work against you. If you’re not comfortable communicating in any language, try to communicate without language.

  • Alex says:

    All the above criticism is stupid. touch screen being unhygienic? Are you joking? dont touch any public door handle or anything in public if this is what you really think. This is a great idea and I would touch that screen with my urine still all over my hands with a smile on my face, just to gross people like you out!

  • product tank says:

    This would have to clean itself every time it was used, so the sensor was not contaminated from the previous user, giving the next user false readings. When I use a urinal I just want to pee, I don’t want the guy standing next to me to know how healthy I am. The entire world has managed to do this without worrying for centuries, can’t help thinking this is a bit over the top, if you are a hypercondriac, get a personal one for home use. Urinals in public spaces are hard enough to keep clean as it is. Imagine the readings you’d get if you installed this in a pub or bar and you went in after a guy who’d just drank 10 pints, you’d be down the hospital on a false alarm – silly.

  • industriel design says:

    Absolutely unhygienic!
    do yo pee, then wash your hands, then go back to check your pee ?
    Unless its voice activated but you have presented this in a public setting ! its as if you have never peed in public, who wants to linger in public while you “do your business ?!”

  • katleen says:

    just remove the verb «press» in … press the icon to have more details!

    it could be motion sensitive, but don’t make hundred of peoples put their hands on this while they pee!

  • For those who say it’s unhygienic, do you not do the same thing by touching the taps on the facets to wash your hands? You take a pee and what’s the first thing you touch when your done? The facet and then wash your hands.

    How is touching this machine any different? You take a pee, press a few buttons and wash your hands.

  • industriel design says:

    THAT’s exactly why we have automatic faucets !

  • industriel design says:

    the key here, is privacy,the concept lacks in functionality. Why would you need to analyze your pee in public ? which in a way means sharing many things…

    if the setting of this concept would have been in a home it would have been more successful. Sharing info or getting diseases would have been a less important factor.

  • MDesigns says:

    If people perceive this to be unhygenic, that’s all you need to know it won’t fly with whoever might consider buying this. Then there is the problem of dealing with the previous user contamination. Somebody will have to completely sanitize everytime it is used to get an accurate reading. I like the styling of it, but it just not going to make it. Too many conceptual problems unadressed.

  • Adam says:

    I’d definitely use this at home but not out in public for sanitary concerns and the possibility of privacy issues. Very cool idea.

  • Feniks says:

    This urinal will be interesting to all who want to increase the number of guests in their business.
    Add a printer that will print the results on the toilet paper. :)))

  • lazyspeed says:

    absolutely, I’d wiz all over that thing!

    sign me up.

  • luckyman says:

    What a great idea!!! I just wanna own one in my house–not in the public.

  • luckyman says:

    yep! Maybe u r a businessman.

  • shiverbrains says:

    Regardless of how disgustingly unsanitary and socially revolting this concept is… I fundamentally don’t care about my PH, SG, URO, BLO, WBC, PRO, GLI, BIL, or KET. I have no idea what they stand for and they don’t matter enough for you to give their full names (let alone descriptions) so why was this designed in the first place?

  • Tonka says:

    Frankly speaking, its a nice idea.

  • rhirhi says:

    Alex, you are clearly an idiot. Please use this area for constructive criticism. Saying you would pee on stuff is just childish.

    Lots of love Rhi x

  • Sara says:

    is it adaptable for women?

  • Abbott says:

    Feniks, your comments inspire me now!THX

  • Niels says:

    It believe it’s better to pee on a certain logo to get the result behind that logo.
    So, no touch screen but ‘pee logo’

  • Feniks says:

    Abbott, You’re welcome. Just write back somewhere “inspired by Feniks”. 🙂

  • aMoesLOLO says:

    nice idea for at homes with a voice activated in your own language or automatic display.

  • Nikita 6050 says:

    Do we question the handles that we touch on a grocery store cart while pushing it around the produce section,then touch the produce to inspect them. Just think about it.

    We could have a hayday on everything that we contaminate on a daily bases, after we sneeze, cough,etc. Contamination is all around us.

    I love this device, if it can alleviate and catch medical conditions sooner, who are we to judge.
    I work as a medical laboratory technician and I know how important it is to check your urine. You’re urine testing is a very good first indicator of what lies ahead medically and quite possibly resolve it, before it becomes worse.

    A simple solution for the touch screen display is to provide a alcohol wipe dispenser for the faint of heart.

  • Jeremy S says:

    do you really think that a pub or a bar is going to install a urinal that tells people how (un) healthy they are?

    it’s far, far more likely to be in a doctors’ clinic or a private office, or most probably a gym.

    you’re quite right about the cleaning, though, to avoid false readings.

  • Erez chaim says:

    This urnal is amazing for a personal residence , I want one now !!! Will it flush itself or is it waterless ??

  • The idea of automatic urin analysis is great but needs to be simplified and adapted for installation in doctor’s offices:

    1) Big number on the top of urinal and (only) 3 LEDs: green = ok, yellow = analysing, red = wait/need maintenance, include WIFI to connect with Apps on iPhones and WLAN;
    2) after urinating the analysis should be completed automatically, yellow LED is on, then flush and cleaning of sensors;
    3) connect urinal with a small WIFI printer (same as creditcards) beyond the handwash sink, after hands have been washed and dryed the analysis can be printed (linked with sink fossett and dryer, print blocked if hands have not been washed ;);
    4) select urinal’s number on a touchscreen beside or on top of printer, push a) print and take receipt with date & time stamp OR b) connect to iPhone-App;
    5) receptionist and/or doctor can connect the analysis data from urinal’s printer with patients file thru date & time stamp on either print or iPhone.

    Go for it! When can we order this iUrinal?!?
    Best regards,
    MAx architects

  • Hunter says:

    Why is it by default female? I can barely understand giving it a gender at all (h/t Tim) but a urinal is the LAST inanimate object that I could feel comfortable being feminized.

  • Health Practicioner says:

    Fingers on a Touchscreen where others just had them on their dick??? Hell NO! It should have a iphone app with bluetooth interface for saving the data, or even better: a small printer after handwashing(!) that shows all the results.

  • Health Practicioner says:

    Fingers on a Touchscreen where others just had them on their dick??? Hell NO! It should have an iphone app with bluetooth interface for saving the data, or even better: a small printer after handwashing(!) that shows all the results.

  • Health Practicioner says:

    conventional faucets are very unhygienic! I ALWAYS install sensored urinal and sink faucets that work automatically. Also automatic doors if possible, as the handles are more contaminated than toilet seats…

  • Hunter says:

    I don’t know about you, but I stand a good 10 – 15 cm away from the urinal, so that there’s no chance of unwanted contact similar to your concerns.

    Just learn how to aim…

  • Sundram says:

    Congrats. Innovation shall be an ideal equip.
    home use. incl. supervised clinics. better if a printer is included.

    where & how to contact the distributor.

  • Christopher says:

    Rather than have a screen displaying your personal information and also have the need to manually control it (unhygienic), why not have a mobile app and use a Bluetooth link and your mobile interface to control and get any personal data back and from your smart phone ?

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