Ivy That We Like

The Light Ivy is a clever lamp that features wire made from strong yet lightweight craft wire. The purpose is to expose the meandering electric wire of this lamp in a creative way. Usually we end up concealing the mess, but this nifty design ensures you have some fun with it. The lamp head rotates 180 degrees, making it the perfect accomplice for direct, indirect, diffused or table lighting. Awesome!

The Ivy Light is a 2011 red dot concept design winner.

Designers: Choi Hyeryong & Choi Ho Seok


  • Lovely design, congratulations!!
    Please let me know if the design is in production already?

  • @casparterhorst says:

    This design although creative can never pass the relevant safety test as the force on the contacts of the socket outlet will be to much. See IEC 884-1 or national standards such as VDE 620-1 for Germany or NEN 1020 for Netherlands.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I like it. I have a feeling this is going to catch on.

  • bayden says:

    good comment.
    Design is not an idea but to realize it.

  • shiverbrains says:

    Yeah, agreed. This would just fall right out of the sockets. Maybe it’s just my apartment but I need to tape my plugs in or they rip out with a gentle tug.

  • aMoesLOLO says:

    It will be more nicer, if the lamp can rotate and bend in different directions.

  • Hyeryong Choi says:

    No, it is not in production yet.
    Even though I tested in a mock-up model, it needs national standard tests.
    Anyway thank you for your comment. If I make the work in production, I’ll inform you 🙂

  • Hyeryong Choi says:

    @aMoesLOLO / You can find that functions in the mechanism picture. 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    I absolutely love this! I don’t see a follow up on it – will it be going into actual production or still a concept?

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