Pop Goes the Weasel!

In this case it’s a plug; The PumPing Tap is a spring-loaded socket that ejects a plug when the appliance is switched off. What this means is that residual power is being conserved and wastage of electricity, curbed. So when you finish using an appliance or device and turn its power off, but haven’t unplugged the device, a ring of light appears on the socket. Ten minutes later, the socket automatically ejects the plug; just like toast popping up from a toaster!

PumPing Tap is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designers: Seong Soyeon, Kim Seonmi, Lee Jeongjae, Park Jihye & Lee Yeontaek



  • Quintin says:

    When something is turned of, it is off. That means not using any power. When something is in stand-by, that is when you’d want to unplug it.

    The problem is that some devices really use that little power. Would this thing eject the plugs of those devices every 10 minutes as well?

    What happened to the Red Dot awards this year? I’ve seen much better designs, some of the things that come from there seem quite useless…

  • firebug says:

    The PumPing Tap makes the plug kind of dangerous for children cause if not properly plugged in the contacts could be touched with for example scissors or a needle. In that case the “Residual Current Device” wouldn’t switch of the electricity.

    I wouldn’t use it nice idea but unsafe.

  • James says:

    Absolutely guaranteed to be a waste of time as soon as I saw red dott winner. I’m seriously thinking that designers these days do no research at all and are getting more stupid thinking that a silly design with great renders constitutes a brilliant idea and the idiotic red dot awards just enforce it. For the love of god sack everyone at red dott!

    I swear I see a redesign of the plug at least once a week. Each and every time the designer(s) have thought it through for about five minutes before going to render stage. In England we have these things on plug sockets called switches. Once you switch the plug off, it’s off. There’s never a need to take the plug out as there’s no electricity running through it. Taking the plug out is just more effort than is needed. This is an overly complicated solution to a completely non-existent problem. Please product designers, leave the plug alone, it’s fine and concentrate on something else. Or at the very least do some sort of research before you start winning awards!

  • Rawwhale says:

    The OLED ring, power-sensing electronic array and plug expulsion system will CONSTANTLY DRAW POWER FROM EVERY OUTLET.

    This design actually adds another power-sucking device to every outlet causing more phantom power drain than it could possibly prevent.


  • edddd222 says:

    can you also imagine how annoying it must be to constantly plug every appliance before you can turn it on. the easiest sollution is to just go back to switchs that turn something off instead of stand by.

  • scythe says:

    isn’t poping device using power as well.
    I bet it will be using far more energy then the device which is on stand by

  • moxce says:

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  • Jimmy C says:

    It’s a good idea, really it is. But won’t that get irritating after a while?

  • Fred says:

    Things which are different in order simply to be different are seldom better, but that which is made to be better is almost always different.
    Dieter Rams, 1993

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