Super Flex Sofa

At first glance, the extreme curves and modern, seamless textured material make the Vesna Sofa almost unrecognizable as a place to lounge. This eye-catching sculptural piece is fluid in both form and movement as it flexes and bends to the user to make them feel so snug and comfy the designers at Nuvist even describe it as the “ultimate relaxation getaway.”

Designer: Nuvist Architecture & Design


  • mobin says:

    thank u it was very nice

  • James says:

    Not exactly a new idea and the shiny surface versions wouldn’t be practical as you’d be sliding off the suckers all the time but lovely renders none the less and the last ones being more garden-esque are nice for rich people with massive gardens.

  • Rawwhale says:

    Are you an amputee with nothing below the knee?

    Do you always wear high-friction clothing to avoid sliding on ultra-slick surfaces?

    Do you prefer to talking to peoples crotches instead of their faces?


  • Absolutely agree with you. Looks beautiful, works awfully.

  • product tank says:

    Can’t help but smile at Nuvists own description. I thought the ‘ultimate relaxation getaway’ would be somewhere like the seychelles, but no, I’m wrong it’s a sofa!!

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