Simply, The Apple Hairbands!

Keeping with the tradition of simplistic minimal design, Sang-hoon Lee has designed his vision for the Apple Headphones. Looks more like a hairband with a sleek finish. I think the touch of volume controls within the glowing apple logo is just too clever!

Designer: Sang-hoon Lee


  • Grey says:

    Designers purely inspired by Apple is tired. This will hurt in no time.. headphones are best when comfortable.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Sleek and minimalistic, just like Apple. I like it!

  • rhe says:

    Good, but for a masochist. It would be quite painful to wear those, but hey, looking cool is more important, isn’t it?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Yes it is, rhe. Don’t be a jerk.

  • Matthew Hicks says:

    all depends on the material… from the render it looks to be the matte finish silver like on the macs… and yes if it is like this i totally agree it will be painful… maybe making it a rubber material or possibly keep it the same but have padding on the inside of the headband of the headphones. more development needed, But good product.


  • fits well with apples design forward thinking. great concept

  • Qyler says:

    These are a lot like the JayBird Sportsband headphones. look em up

  • guestling says:

    And we know the headset is not comfortable because?

  • Lyric says:

    What? The iPod earbuds weren’t terrible enough for you? Why does everyone feel the need to reinvent the wheel with respect to headphone design? In a single 20 minute session on StumbleUpon, you can see headphones with user customizible colors, built in timepieces, led displays, and all manner of other rediculous features. I appreciate the notion of taking an everyday item like headphones and making them look elegant, but design should also follow function, not just style. You see the same thing at electronics stores. The worst performing headphones in terms of technical specifications are also the “coolest” looking. It’s like consumers want everyone around them to know how ignorant they are.

  • Morgan Wild says:


  • Youcif says:


  • Youcif says:

    Are these real btw? or still in the concept stage process and still being evaluated?

  • magic says:




  • Julia says:

    Are these for sale? Or just his idea?

  • Chad says:

    For only $1200!

  • flame says:

    yeaaaa, so how do you power them. i assume the apple light being on all the time would consume large amounts of power. unless the entire top is one long power cell or solar powered this wouldnt work to great

  • oceangirl says:

    The spelling on the thing is not…that…good… but if the design is like the real Apple Headphones (you know, pointed in your ear, pretty comfortable) then I’m OK.

  • Retoru says:

    Let’s not forget, though, being Apple branded headphones they’ll work as well as any mediocre pair you can buy off the rack, yet they will cost $465 USD, require signing an EULA, and force you to register with iTunes before they’ll work.

  • Jesse says:

    We have eyes.

  • whyelse says:

    Because the ones saying it would be uncomfortable are the ones that just hate apple products because it is an apple product and will find any reason to dislike it.

  • Peter says:

    Ironic thing is the designer is Korean.

  • Karan says:

    is this available in India ??

  • Daniel says:

    yea…. they’ll sound terrible; there’s a reason no “in-ear” over the head, headphones exist. Uncomfortable – I’d imagine severe listening fatigue in a short period of tome. Audio Technica already has several pairs w/ aluminum rods (aka “wings”) that provide unbeatable comfort.

  • Misti says:

    It looks nice, but anyone who’s worn a real hairband like that will tell you that the ends are pressure points and having that in the ear will be unbelievably uncomfortable without some design modifications. Also, it will pin your ears back where it comes down over them and that will also be uncomfortable for anyone with ears that naturally stick out a bit. Its a cool concept, but the comfort doesn’t look like it was considered at all.

  • Misti says:

    as a side note, I have an iphone and love it, so I’m not just hating.

  • JC says:

    Looks nice and all but I can see this becoming very uncomfortable, very fast. Also, how many hundreds of dollars is Apple going to charge for this and then for the accessories?

  • Sandeep says:

    Hey buddy maybe its powered by LEDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shopfinal says:

    where can it be bought from?

  • Nick says:

    I don’t understand the point of these. It looks like they fit into your ear like earphones. If so, there is no need for the hipster looking hairband. It might look good on girls, but I cannot see those being comfortable or making anyone look manly. I’m a huge fan of Apple products, but this is too far. Being sleek should not be considered more than comfort when it comes to ear/headphones in my opinion.

  • Icegadget says:

    Its not an earphone its a mind controller,the only way apple can come to the top again.

  • Tillertrackler says:

    Got mine a week ago. They’re AWESOME!

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  • Col says:

    Where can I buy these?

  • Col says:

    I have a blown eardrum, so can’t wear pods. These would be perfect for me if I could figure out how to buy them

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