For when Disabled Folks want to Consolidate!

For the disabled person, or the person who’s name is Homer Simpson, certain solutions for everyday living are lacking. In a home that has stairs and a bed (most homes have these!), the wheelchair, patient lifter, uppers, downers, go-arounders, are just not enough on their own. Mr. Christen Halter just may have a combo machine for the win.

Mr. Christen Halter, designer of the Home Chare, shares the following:

The Home Chare enables three different adjustment positions – lying, sitting and standing. In lying position it is adjusted to the same level as a sick bed. The attendant pulls the lying patient on to the Home Chare. The device is then adjusted in to sitting position which replaces a wheelchair. The attendant doesn’t have to lift up the patient.

Affordable? Probably not until they become standardized, at which point it’s going to be a whole lot easier for disabled folks, (or whoever else feels the need!,) to get around the house and whatnot.

Complete self-reliance for people who once needed assistance to simply get out of bed!

How possible?

Designer: Christen Halter