YD Showcases: Born in Sweden

When Pascal Charmolu, an innovative designer and Kim Vejsholt, a keen businessperson, decided to work together, the resulting partnership gave birth to ‘Born in Sweden.’ Driven with a passion to combine highly innovative design with unexpectedly simple product solutions, the company has grown to accommodate a mix of creative individuals who see and do things differently and have a wealth of international experience. We’ve handpicked for you a collection of their best works; and with this season of giving round the bend, maybe you end up being gifted one!

The Bird Feeder

A classic piece for those who appreciate good design and want to share it with their world, the Bird Feeder is able to cope with extreme temperatures and conditions and is ideal of any home. Fashioned from recyclable plastic, the feeder can be mounted on on any smooth window pane, thanks to an innovative double-sided suction cup.

Price: $19.95

Watering Can

Folks with a green thumb and keen sense of design will appreciate the aesthetics of the Watering Can. Stylish and minimal, the can works in a very unique fashion. As Born in Sweden explains, “the can is made of 18-0 stainless steel with a flexible silicone hose. The hose has a built-in magnet that allows it to be attached to the can’s body when not in use. When watering your plants, simply hold the metal cylinder with one hand and the hose in the other. To start or stop the water flow, just move the metal cylinder up or down. Available in brushed or mirror-polished steel finishes as well as 8 glossy powder-coated options. Height 31 cm, diameter 8 cm, volume 1.5 litres.”

Price: $64.90

Key Cabinet

Forever losing your keys? Well, the elegant Key Cabinet is what you need the most! We simply love the oversized handle and the clever retaining strip to stow the mobile phones! . The steel cabinet is available in five durable powder coated finishes; red, white, black, purple and green. Height: 53.8 cm, depth: 5.4 cm, width: 16 cm.

Price: $79.90

Magazine Rack

If asymmetrical organization is something that appeals to you, then this metallic hedgehog is definitely for you. The playful “funky” Magazine Rack is unconventional and definitely eye-catching. Length: 40cm, height: 27.7cm base width: 10.7cm. Available in red, white, green, purple and black satin powder coated finishes.

Price: $64.90

Coat Rack

This minimalist coat rack is quite a special nook to hang your coats. We love it for its minimal style and thoughtful hook spacing. Crafted from a single sheet of metal, the rack’s clean lines will complement any modern interiors. Choose from red, black, white, green and purple satin finishes. Dimensions: 60.7 x 25 cm x 0.2 cm.

Price: $79.90

Cutlery & Serving Set

Dine with award-winning cutlery design, defined by subtle geometry and clean lines. Available as a set of 16 pieces with a knife fork and two spoons for each place setting as well a two-piece serving set.

Price: $179.95 & $49.95

Vase with Sphere

Don’t struggle with complicated ikebana arrangements; leave it to the simple Vase with Sphere to make your flowers look glam! The stainless steel at the neck of the sphere is a classy way of adding a dash of creativity to any flower arrangement. Ideal for your Christmas Party! Hand made from mouth-blown glass, the stainless steel sphere is available in mirror-polished, gloss black and gold finishes. Height 22 cm, diameter 14.5 cm.

Price: $52.90

Boot Jack

Slip into comfy shoes with the help of this elegant Boot Jack. What’s really cool is that the shoe horn makes a good wall hanging and need not be resigned to an obscure spot. Constructed from robust polycarbonate with a hollow stainless steel bar underneath, this aesthetically pleasing 2 in 1 jack is light, strong and functional. Length: 39 cm, height 9 cm. Available in red, black, green and white.

Price: $47.90

Christmas Tree Holder

Celebrations are incomplete without a Christmas Tree and to make it perfect this year, you may want an invisible tree support! This special one can be filled with water to keep your tree fresh. The base is moulded in recyclable aluminium with four heavy-duty stainless steel screws securing the tree. Available in grey, red, black or white powder-coated color options. Length 60 cm, height 17 cm, hole diameter 11.5 cm, weight 2.2 kg.

Price: $194.95