Everyday Solar Distiller

Designed to aid in providing safe drinking water for people in developing countries, Gabriele Diamanti’s Eliodomestico water distiller harnesses the sun’s power to produce up to 5 liters of drinking water daily. Eliodomestico is almost 3 times as efficient as traditional solar stills and functions without electricity or even much maintenance as it works autonomously during the day. Made from only terra-cotta and zinc-plated metal sheets, the design could also be produced or repaired by locals quite easily.

The distiller itself is very easy to use: in the morning simply fill the water tank with salty or dirty water from a local source, and in the evening collect clean, evaporated and re-condensed water in a portable recipient placed underneath the tank.

Designer: Gabriele Diamanti


  • Jean-Marc says:

    I like the very clever design, but Zinc is not good for food contact, use tin instead.

    • Dwayne Allen says:

      It is not used for food. It is used to distill and make drinking water safe to drink. And secondly Zinc is not going to hurt you. Plus of all the metals Zinc is the least harmful to people plants, food or animals. Actually Zinc has been used therapeutically at a dose of 150 mg/day for many many years. There is no way and it is impossible to get any effects nor harmful effects from the zinc in this unit. Please Google and do some research before speaking. It pays to know what you are talking about so that it dos not confuse people who greatly need something like this.

  • Jimmy C says:

    You know, people in that region will be more likely to want the water in the morning.

  • sudhanwa says:


  • Ben says:

    This is the most bigotry post I’ve ever seen. How about photographing a ‘Male’ pouring in and retrieving ‘fresh water’. O sorry…. just a female is only good for this job. How about ‘Filterpure’ and numerous other clay pot filtering systems? How about IDEO and their fresh water bike? How about thinking about that fresh drinking water is essential to mankind? You’ve struck upon and spit on one of the most important needs of mankind (this includes everyone on the planet and their children) ‘FRESH WATER’. We all know that we have the technology to give everyone a fresh drink of water every day. Once we figure out a way to distribute fresh water, everyday, we shall save thousands of lives, daily.

    • GiJane says:

      You are an idiot!

    • Dwayne Allen says:

      Are you serious? What is your problem? Did someone pi** in your Wheaties this morning? How is this bigoted? This IS THE PRODUCT they decided to write about. It is not a product of Sunjack so why are you running your mouth. These people put more time and resources into helping less fortunate across the world than YOU will ever do. They take their products and give them away to people who actually need them and then you get on here and basically chastise them for talking about someone elses product. Go troll somewhere else or hang out here and be a part of the solution instead of pickling and choosing things to complain about and being a part of the problem. Have a good day sir.

  • Alek says:

    Dude, chill…. while the women are collecting water, the men are busy hunting wild animals for food. Do you want it the other way around? Yeah.. that’s right.

    It’s just trying to depict a more real scenario and how this thing can fit in well in their every day lives.

  • Mic says:


  • jeremy says:

    where can i get one?!?!? i see there only $50 but no one says where to get it

    • Dwayne Allen says:

      Because it is an open source project so that people can make their own. The designer did not intend to sell this product he intended to have these made to give them to people so they can have safe drinking water. Remember this is a distiller basically using sea water to convert to drinking water. Salt water does not have the bacteria in it that fresh water has thus it is better to distill salt water and drink it. IT IS A DISTILLER, remember that..

  • jeremy says:

    holy crap man, maybe her husband is dead. why do you have to jump to this is most bigotry post? do you look for a fight in everything in life? must be tiring! and who says only women can get water? seems to me only you did. if they would of pictured a guy then what? someone else like you would bitch about that. how about just be happy they have water to drink and not care who gets it.. so by your definition only males should get water? thats stupid. equality right. try spreading the love not the anger and hatred over something so trivial as fetching the water. or a better idea yet. how about not at all. peace.

  • Margot says:

    Did you find out where to get one? I can’t find it anywhere. The designer is in Milan.

  • Rebecca says:

    Bigotry? Try “humankind” not “mankind.” The fact is, in third world countries, it usually IS the women that carry water. Just because you dislike a fact, doesn’t make the fact go away.

  • Knollewurz says:

    Rebecca, you are so sweet when your angry 🙂

  • Goyo says:

    Curious as to where I can purchase this product.

  • Goyo says:

    Looking for information on how and where to purchase this product

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