Saline Lamp

The Clear Light uses saline water to conduct electricity and light up this lamp. Essentially it replaces wires with saline water to reduce metal consumption. It features voice operated switch and a metal cap to control its functioning. I just think it looks super sexy lit up, don’t you?

Designers: Siyu Huang & Jiahui Song


  • Any thoughts about the corrosiveness of saline water on the other parts of the lamp? What about the electrical resistance? How much more power is needed for the same amount of light?

  • Harshal says:

    Have you started with the production. What’s the cost amounting to.

  • Lauren Davis says:

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  • Christopher says:

    The resistance of sea water will result in greater electrical use if it works at all. Especially with so little water being used. (see

    Yes it looks cool.
    No it is not going to work.

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