Modern Geometry is the inspiration behind this flatpack tray table!

Flatpack furniture should be mandatory, in my humble opinion. I have changed multiple homes – first during my bachelor days as I worked long hours to starting our first home as a family – the only furniture I have retained across all these homes is my favorite photo frames. Every time we move, it breaks my heart to sell the furniture we have gathered through endless hours of searching across shops and had to let go of them mainly because it is insanely expensive to cart around your furniture wherever you go. Can you imagine my traditional Indian hardwood furniture being shipped and moved into my tiny Tokyo home? That would be a disaster!

What the world needs more of is minimal and elegant furniture like the O TRL by Annabella Hevesi. Annabella created this tray table as a versatile piece of furniture – use it to store your stationery, kitchen knick-knacks, or as a makeshift desk in work from home emergency scene – the pure and minimal aesthetics of this design make it a perfect match everywhere. The trolley has a slim and sleek silhouette and is constructed using a black MDF board, powder-coated steel, and rubber. Do not be fooled by its humble looks; this tray can bear its fair share of weight and move around smoothly, given its large weight-bearing wheels.

Honestly, at first glance, the design almost looks like a sketch. And we totally adore Annabella’s ability to take the design from concept to a manufactured product with minimum compromises on the envisioned design. After all, we all know that’s the hardest part. Sleek, versatile, and fun, this tray table defines the blueprint of what functional furniture design must be like, a 2020 version of Bauhaus, if you will.

Designer: Annabella Hevesi of IO line and round