Bike Buddy!

The adorable Riding Partner is a true bike buddy that glows in the dark to make your street-presence known. It doubles up as an accessory as well as a shoulder-pad. Think about it, an irresistible charmer that cares for your safety in an eco-friendly manner; total winner in my eyes!

Designers: Lee Chang-ho & Han Ki-hoon


  • Quintin says:

    I wanted to say something about the colour of the rear light in that picture. After clicking on the link I see he/she thought of different colours, but just didn’t put it in the picture.

    A friend of mine tried that once, biking with a white rear light. Car drivers assume a bike will go towards them if they see a white light on a bike and move away from them if they see a red light.

    Putting a white light on the rear of your bike is not a good idea…

    That said, make sure they’re on very tight and stay that way, wouldn’t want to lose your lamp during the night. Also: what to do if you stored your bike in a dark place and need to go out when it’s dark outside? Charge your ‘riding partner’ for 10 minutes, first?

  • mohamed samy says:

    i hope i can get alot of these bike-buddy in alexandria ,egypt
    caould i ?

  • kang says:

    i want to buy it.
    Do not sell this item?

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