The Tissue Issue!

We have scented tissues, soap-tissues, wet tissues and now its’ time to add to the list Light Tissue. Although just a concept right now, given the various uses portrayed I don’t think the time is too far when someone in China will actually come up with this! It’s a known fact that the Pocket Light is do-able, so for novelty sake this paper light will catch the people’s fancy!

Designer: OH-Se Won


  • Eddd says:

    don’t get it, how does it work?

    Is it photoluminescent? Do you need to recharge it under a light source?

    Is it chemical, like a glowstick? mixing two components together?

    Is it electrical? is there a power source of some sort.

    Nice idea, but please add some background info.
    I could design a paperclip that can also be used as a microwave and as a personal transportation vehicle, but without an explanation nobody will buy it (no pun intended)

  • dolken says:

    We need to start moving away from single use items, Among the various things that can be changed, tissues can be replaced with handkerchiefs, people just need to get over their imaginary fear of reusing something with a little bit of dried mucus.

  • hakjun says:

    beautiful idea!!

  • Teto says:

    great idea!!

  • aura says:

    is it already on the market?
    please do answer to my email if it is already commerciable

  • Hunter says:

    My guess: it’s electrical. It charges in the cradle pictured in Render 1. Tear a portion from the cradle and the battery will begin to run down. It lights for a certain period of time (depending on how large of a portion is torn), after which it can be disposed.

    My only concern: under the current system of such technologies, a system of disposable batteries and lights will be INSANELY EXPENSIVE, not to mention heavy.

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