Comfort Bone for Lonely Pups

While I was crate training my pup, I got some great advice for keeping him calm when I was away- simply place a worn shirt or other article of clothing that had your scent in the crate. Sure enough, it did the trick… but only at the cost of ruined shirts! The WithMe Bone was designed to keep lonely dogs at ease and clothes in-tact – just place a small article of clothing (like a sock) in the hollow bone, twist the cap shut, and voila!…. your dogs will think you never left. Now if only it fixed crooked tails…

Designer: Yunfan Tan


  • Eddd says:

    It looks like both parts are made from a flexible material, this means that the joint wil most likely give way when the dog is chewing on it. I would try to find a more solid way of connecting the two. Maybe a 2k solution (soft material outside, hard material inside to form the connection. I would also use thread instead of a snapfit.
    Nice idea, and with a bit of tinkering ready for the market.

    Just keep in mind that your only delaying the inevitable, at some moment the dog is going to bite through it, use some materials that wont hurt the dog if he does eat parts of it.

  • Felipe Martins says:

    I Really liked the product, I’d like to know if already have the production.
    If does I’d like to know more about the product.

    Best Regards,


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