Mobile Communications for the Deaf

The Communicaid is a whole system of products designed to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people.  The Visual Sound Station and Glasses are portable devices for indoor and outdoor use. It catches important sounds from the environment and alerts deaf people visually. The Mobile Communicator is a handheld communication device to communicate with hearing people more efficiently and conveniently. Intrigued? Hit the jump.

The Communicaid Visual Sound Station uses high quality MEMS microphones to capture specific sounds such as fire alarms, doorbells, or an individual calling and transfers them into visual queues of blinking lights and pictograms.

Visual Sound Glasses listens for the sounds of the environment, then translates it into visual signals in front of their eyes. It captures specific sounds through the the eyeglass arms.

The Mobile Communicator device features mobile phone functions e.g. video calls, SMS, e-mail, etc. Make and receive calls with anyone using text to voice and voice to text technology. This is the kind of natural speech technology designers and engineers have been dreaming up for years.

Designer: Jae Pyung Lee