Xbox and TEMPUR’s Starfield cockpit-themed “NASA Punk” gaming chair turns eyeballs at Gamescom 2023

Gamescom 2023 expo happening in Germany is the place to be if you’re a gaming freak for plenty of reasons. Exposure to next-gen gaming titles and hardware being one!

The highly anticipated Starfield world premiered at the event with the live-action trailer and the first few minutes of the gameplay, leaving everyone star-struck. The action role-playing title developed by Bethesda Game Studios features an in-game cockpit, and that’s what inspired sleep specialist TEMPUR and Microsoft to collaborate on a unique themed gaming chair for every gamer to appreciate.

Designer: Microsoft Xbox and TEMPUR

Lovingly referred to as the Dream Chair, the gaming seat features the signature Tempur memory foam originally developed by the 60s NASA team to provide able support to space-bound astronauts. The elaborate swiveling seat is designed by Nicholas Alexander, a U.K.-based designer and artist for a convincing in-cockpit feel. Just like in Starfield’s promotional videos, you as the in-game pilot take control of the sci-fi switches, array of lights, random dials and the ability to telescopically move forward or backward.

According to Xbox global partnerships director Marcos Waltenberg, the chair is a “modular cockpit” that emulates the Starfield gameplay for an immersive feel of captaining a starship on a mission. The Dream Chair has two aluminum joysticks on the armrests to maneuver an in-game flight in a small section of Starfield’s huge universe. The curved display upfront elevates the level of immersion as you navigate through a mystical space.

The peculiar NASA Punk art style is evident in the creation, and if you’ve got your eyes set on buying one, there’s bad news. This is a one-off creation for the gaming event and is currently on display at the Xbox booth. If you do miss the event, you can catch a glimpse at the Saturn Xperion store in Germany. After that, the gaming chair will make temporary residence at the TEMPUR store in Westfield, Stratford in October for a month. Finally, the gaming chair will be auctioned off in a charity raffle, of which there are no details at this point in time. So, practically you do have a chance to own this intergalactic cockpit chair!