Hang Your Hard Drive

If you’re a designer, student, or anyone else who relies heavily on your computer, you know that even as laptops get slimmer & lighter, all of the external hardware can still be a bit cumbersome. A winner of the 2011 James Dyson Award, Easy On is a take-anywhere external hard drive that uses an ingenious hanging system to easily attach to the back of any computer. WiFi integration means the drive can be also be accessed without the use of bulky cables, making this the perfect drive to use when you’re on the run.

Designer: Diacre Nicolas


  • design+ says:

    hmmm. really? this?

    and if wifi means it sans the bulky cables, then it must also have a battery? which will make it bigger and heavier.

    cant believe this won dyson award. interesting.

  • rhe says:

    I can’t believe it! Claming this to be the winner of 2011 edition of Dyson Award is a fraud. This project didn’t win anything, it hasn’t been even shortlisted on a national level (France). Just go to http://www.jamesdysonaward.org/ site and you’ll only find this project in ‘all entries’ part, and nowhere else. What’s more, the contest hasn’t ended yet, the top 20 will be shortlisted in 7 days and the final winner will be announced on 8th November. This only proves how facetious this website is. There should be a correction statement made, especially that lots of websites already reposted this.

  • rhe says:

    Mr Troy Turner – shame on you!

  • fskn says:

    Uhm, weight? Balance?

  • mario says:

    but if it has wifi you´ll noy be able to use it

  • Dillon says:

    Ever hear of suction cup? and what about battery life. Or how about THE CLOUD?!

  • anoush says:

    i don’t believe that this has won any award. nothing has been designed, the hdd is a hdd with a strap to it. not to mention the weight would pull the screen down, the product completely ruins the aesthetics of a laptop, especially an apple.

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