Unmanned Flight of Fantasy

The D.F.O is an unmanned helicopter to spray meds or pesticides on farm produce. For an industry where airplanes do the bidding, RC Unmanned choppers sounds too Star Wars-ish, nonetheless a fathomable concept. It makes me wonder if it will be the farmer or his son who takes on this job. Hell, I’ll do it for free mister…. Just gimme the darn controls!

Designer: Bakji Su


  • Jimmy says:

    It seems good 🙂

    but where’s a controller?

  • Chris192 says:

    Seems cool. perhaps it might be better to make it autonomous add a GPS and just have it spray a aria on its own. but i like it.

  • FH says:

    Direct Factory Outlet? lol

  • Ray says:

    What’s it’s capacity? Does it have to return every few acres for a refill?

  • Michael says:

    How do you tell which direction its facing? And would it need a camera if you’re trying to control it over a field?

  • Heliguy says:

    Apart from the fact that the top rotor lacks ANY stabilization, the inner and outer rotorshafts have the same diameter (!) and the fact that the swashplate-assembly is grossly under-dimensioned the only problem I see is the fact that this concept lack any form of control. What’s moving the swashplate to provide controll? Also what kind of power-plant is it using?

    Looks like a form of turbine from the pics, but then where’s the gearbox? Not to mention the exhaust outlet? Fuel tank?
    Oh, I see, it’s electric. Great, but where’s the battery? Maybe wrapped around the two (!) motors in the top housing? Together with the ESC, gyro and telemetrics..

    Mechanically this does not hold water at all. But it looks nice, though! 🙂 Nice picture, but more fantasy than product..
    As a concept, though: Why go for the ANCIENT remote controller? This unit would better serve its purpose with a GPS and some sort of tablet for control. One could set routes, waypoints etc. and even get a live feed from the camera (if there’s one).

    Like my Polish concept art teacher used to say: “Looks nice.. but is crap”

  • MDesigns says:

    Agree with you and your teacher. LOL.

  • Hunter says:

    Why do I have scenes of both Terminator and The Matrix series running through my head?

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