3-D TV Heaven!

If you died and went to 3-D TV heaven then I’m sure you would find the Samsung MSTV sitting right in front, in it’s various screen-size (22,32,42,46,55, 64 inches) avatars. Keeping with Sammy’s passion for Android, this TV is a pureblood Google Android baby. And what’s more, you get to sync all your gadgets and devices remotely and splurge on gaming fun! Hit the jump for details.

  • Samsung MSTV is the first TV in the world consists in 2 parts
  • The base serves as box.
  • Just buy the screens that correspond to your requirements.
  • There are dedicated screens such as screens specifically for video games (with deep blacks for better restitution of the image and 3D).
  • Displays dedicated to the use of film and conventional screens.
  • Once you have connected the screen, the box will automatically detect it.
  • Compatible 4K2K (for screens over 40 inches) with 3D without glasses.
  • The TV is entirely on Google’s Android system.
  • You can find all your applications on your TV with the “SynchrTV” and you can use your smartphone as a controller to play your video games.
  • If you do not have a smartphone or remote to control your TV, the touch screen will allow you a simple gesture to access functions or you can do so through the voice function.
  • The TV is compatible “DPConnect” and hooks up your devices (video games, Blu-ray players, and others) to the TV wirelessly in less than a second.
  • It features SmartTV applications, screens with cameras, the “Uprogram” which allows you to share your programs on your devices like your smartphone or tablet android etc.
  • “No Edges”, so you can see the entire image on your screen.
  • ActiveDeep3D+ allows you to see 3D images of high quality in a transparent screen without lag, enjoy 3D with Glasses or without glasses.

Designer: Joseph Dumary