Hyundai Concept Motorcycle Stretches

Inspired by musculature, this concept evokes a fluidic sculpture from the upper and lower sections intertwined together. The whole body is made up of materials that stretch and contract just like your muscles do and enables steering without any kind of assistive apparatus. When turning a corner, the entire body relaxes so that it can smoothly corner, and when accelerating, it contracts to form a rigid body. I’m totally intrigued by the idea. Not so sure about the design though.

Designer: Min Seong Kim


  • saswartz says:

    Wouldn’t those arches obstruct the rider’s view?

  • goodjob says:

    I don’t think like that.

    The frame will protect the rider.

  • Endless Mike says:

    If keeping the rider on the bike during an incident protects him. (It doesn’t.)

  • Mark Stoked says:

    That’s an aweful idea. In an accident the rider will be trapped inside the frame apart from his legs, arms and neck which be wrapped around the frame! Not safe at all.

  • Mark Stokes says:

    That’s an aweful idea. In an accident the rider will be trapped inside the frame apart from his legs, arms and neck which will all be wrapped around the frame! Not safe at all.

  • Mark Stokes says:

    That’s an aweful idea. In an accident the rider will be trapped inside the frame apart from his legs, arms and neck which will all be wrapped around the frame!

  • Quintin says:

    Looks unsafe, like the others said.

    Also, difficult to steer, with the handlebars fixed to the frame like that…

  • Jade Doel says:

    There is a lot of thought put in to this concept, and I praise the designer for that, but much of it was not thought through correctly/enough.
    Try to extend the parameters of your focus and envisage scenarios using your design in the real-world. This project would have benefited greatly from that, as the design weaknesses would’ve manifested themselves.

  • Danylo says:

    I think this bike don’t have any proportion for a race bike. Looking this, I guess she weights 1000kg!

    A big tyre in the front whell don’t steering very well. And become more difficult with this fixed handlebars.

    These frames are dangerous, in a colision he doesn’t protect the driver. But the opposit, he difficults the rescue.

  • MagicalCanoe says:

    The designer obviously has never been on a motorcycle before. This is the worse design you can ever have for a motorcycle. Let’s forget the obstruction of view with the bars. Lets forget if the rider low or high-sides he’ll be pinned under the frame and die a fiery death. Let’s forget that the wide tires makes for the worse handling. A Harley will handle better than that design. Let’s forget the cause of him crashing is the non steerable handlebars affixed to the frame.

    What I want know is why is the rider wearing Suzuki leathers on a Hyundai?

  • MDesigns says:

    So the frame acts like a human muscle flexing it to steer the bike, hey?
    The line between futurism and sci-fi is once again confused by this designer.

  • Seamus Dubh says:

    Beyond the GLARING design flaws, it just looks uncomfortable to ride.

    Also how are you supposed to get on/in it?

  • Kit says:

    Look at those wheels. Can anybody say Tron Legacy lightcycle?

  • John McGowan says:

    Give the designer a break will you, if you read the title, it mentions “CONCEPT” – a concept does not mean a completed design, it means it’s an idea, something the designer thought of, in this case I would think primarily because it looks very cool. There’s no point in ripping apart a person’s idea…

    Nice concept Min Seong Kim

  • steve says:

    Maybe the handlebars could steer electrically, if they had a ball joint on each handle.

  • Jonathan Ive says:

    It’s a bad idea and concept any way you look at it. I have an idea, let’s defecate on a piece of paper and sell it as gourmet sandwiches. Not all ideas are good. Anyone riding this would die. It’s a safety issue. The only way it would be a good idea is if it transformed into Kate Beckinsale and shot gold out of the exhaust.

    Terrible concept Min Seong Kim. Please keep to kitchen appliances. Those are awesome.

  • MDesigns says:

    John, we are actually helping him to find out more about ergonomics – to steer away from plain non-sense styling. In design school, teachers ripped me apart everytime I did something stupid or was not well thought out. They did me a favor by embarrassing me in front of the class. It made me dig deeper and mature into a designer….and yes we know its an idea worth ripping apart. Min Seong will be fine for this.

  • John McGowan says:

    I know this of course, but I’m sure he knew himself that this concept is extremely unrealistic when he submitted it to Yanko Design for a feature.

    It just seems that people prefer to shake his confidence by ripping him apart as you say – rather than simply pointing out flaws in the design that he is more than likely already aware of.

  • Vitiare says:

    I see that the guy who designed a kitchen sink drain plug and a locking kitchen knife block is uniquely qualified to design a motorcycle. Clearly he doesnt ride.

    OK, there’s the obvious sight obstruction, or the fact that in a frontal crash, those nifty bars are going to break the riders shoulders as he flies through the front opening.

    Not to mention the stretchy body and steering system is just plain silly.

  • Still not the right time to publish

  • Very interesting design…

  • LEE says:

    This designer has never ridden a motorcycle ever
    That nonsense design visibility of the rider is not at all
    Paying as much as in the corner in front of the frame blocks the view
    Use Google translator says.
    Dog shit is the same design.

  • Chris says:

    Fair play – criticising concepts for being a bit out there is unnecessary especially when they only fail because of their reliance on futuristic unachievable materials or processes. If we don’t look to the future then we will keep designing the same things over and over.

    But when the idea is fundamentally flawed it is totally legitimate to criticise it.

    There are concepts and there is fantasy art – this falls into the latter and should probably be on sites like deviant art instead of a design site.

    @ john mcgowan

    I do agree that we should give people a break but if something is poorly considered why should we hold back and say, “awwww, he tried really hard so give him credit”. This is how people are deluded enough to go onto talent shows like xfactor and humiliate themselves – because no one had the courage to tell them that they are crap.

    Sorry Min Seong Kim , I don’t think you are crap – but maybe you should look at the core principals of your design. P.s. your other stuff is pretty cool.

  • Francoin says:

    pointless design!

  • name says:
    this website said “The whole body is made up of materials that stretch and contract just like your muscles do and enables steering without any kind of assistive apparatus.”

  • Phil says:

    It’s very well thought out.

  • dr-hoge says:

    The rider on SUZUKI GSX-R1000 is copied.

  • Rob says:

    If we were to react this way to every rendering with the word “Concept” tacked in front of it, we would still be in the dark ages. Leonardo da Vinci was an excetional renderer but didn’t waste time creating amazing renders of “Concepts” that he though might be cool. He sketched the “Concept” roughly in an attempt to envision how it could work and if it wasn’t feasible, it didn’t get more thought than that. What this designer should take from this exposure and subsequent grilling is that it’s a waste of time to make really nice renders of something if you haven’t thought about its manufacture or use cycle.

  • Areksu says:

    the frame will kill the rider in a serious crash… the only chance to survive is to fall off the motorcycle and roll, if the rider hits the cage instead of getting off the bike he will fly together with the bike and probably gets squashed by it.

  • ceff says:

    concept:: something conceived in the mind : thought, notion an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances,nuff said how many of you cool riders took math and science classes……and one more thing try not crashing keep the bike upright…i love peeps always wantin to lay a bike down to avoid trouble.stay up and drive out of it

  • erahy says:

    this is very very beutiful

  • Lee says:

    Sorry but it comes across to futuristic for publicity reasons. I ride bikes but I doubt many like it never mind buy it. It is a shame the designer has not ridden any or many bikes. Money not best spent on a project that falls short if any reason why. I feel I can design better, in fact I have. You have my e-mail when you need something for purpose…

    • jose says:

      Hi sorry to bother im a young inspired motorcycle designer and i saw your comment about the bike one question how would you like to see future bikes. do you like the new tires on the muscle concept, how would you personally improve it and make it more attractive for riders. I’ll wait for your responds with excitement. Thank you

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  • Fuzzy Logic says:

    Looks cool, and could actually be useful if it was enclosed (convertible) for weatherproofing differential marketing advantage, but open as pictured, it’s ridiculous. The fat tires look great for dry road torque to road transfer, and knobby winter tires would CRAZY BADASS, but with that fatness, the turning radius would be non existent without an articulating rear wheel. With a wide undercarriage like that, and a Pendulum Ballast System(TM), you could pull some crazy G’s…
    Overall, a concept is a concept; fuels the creative process… So though while not necessarily a productive endeavor, they keep innovation moving forward.

  • RG says:

    On Fuzzy”s comment…why enclose it? What other motorcycle is enclosed!?.

    Other comments on bike needing an articulating rear wheel and concepts being money not well spent. Concepts fuel the imagination of consumers and engineers. Working out the bugs and excitING the consumer is what a lackluster motocycle industry needs.

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