Hyundai Concept Motorcycle Stretches

Inspired by musculature, this concept evokes a fluidic sculpture from the upper and lower sections intertwined together. The whole body is made up of materials that stretch and contract just like your muscles do and enables steering without any kind of assistive apparatus. When turning a corner, the entire body relaxes so that it can smoothly corner, and when accelerating, it contracts to form a rigid body. I’m totally intrigued by the idea. Not so sure about the design though.

Designer: Min Seong Kim


  • ceff says:

    concept:: something conceived in the mind : thought, notion an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances,nuff said how many of you cool riders took math and science classes……and one more thing try not crashing keep the bike upright…i love peeps always wantin to lay a bike down to avoid trouble.stay up and drive out of it

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  • erahy says:

    this is very very beutiful

  • Lee says:

    Sorry but it comes across to futuristic for publicity reasons. I ride bikes but I doubt many like it never mind buy it. It is a shame the designer has not ridden any or many bikes. Money not best spent on a project that falls short if any reason why. I feel I can design better, in fact I have. You have my e-mail when you need something for purpose…

    • jose says:

      Hi sorry to bother im a young inspired motorcycle designer and i saw your comment about the bike one question how would you like to see future bikes. do you like the new tires on the muscle concept, how would you personally improve it and make it more attractive for riders. I’ll wait for your responds with excitement. Thank you

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  • Fuzzy Logic says:

    Looks cool, and could actually be useful if it was enclosed (convertible) for weatherproofing differential marketing advantage, but open as pictured, it’s ridiculous. The fat tires look great for dry road torque to road transfer, and knobby winter tires would CRAZY BADASS, but with that fatness, the turning radius would be non existent without an articulating rear wheel. With a wide undercarriage like that, and a Pendulum Ballast System(TM), you could pull some crazy G’s…
    Overall, a concept is a concept; fuels the creative process… So though while not necessarily a productive endeavor, they keep innovation moving forward.

  • RG says:

    On Fuzzy”s comment…why enclose it? What other motorcycle is enclosed!?.

    Other comments on bike needing an articulating rear wheel and concepts being money not well spent. Concepts fuel the imagination of consumers and engineers. Working out the bugs and excitING the consumer is what a lackluster motocycle industry needs.

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