Cleaning Cuttlefish Style

To help preserve wildlife and the environment, the Oceanic Cleaning System uses solar power and automated satellite units to seek out and capture plastic particles and man-made waste. Inspired by cuttlefish, the satellites use lateral fins to maneuver through the water, collecting plastic and other debris. After waste is collected, the units navigate back to the base where it is deposited and sorted for recycling.

Designer: Erik Borg


  • stephen russell says:

    Id add Radar & sonar reflecters alone & have near offshore oil site for Reuse & debris dumping alone vs some ship.
    Produce about 5K alone for worldwide use & track from
    Hawaii, FL, Australia, Japan, Canada, Scotland, Italy, India with Tracking control centers.
    Make portable for repairs ashore in yards.
    More jobs.

  • Brian says:

    They would have to be made EXTREMELY reliable otherwise someone else will need to come up with an automated way of collecting all the broken automated ocean cleaning robots.

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