Hribarcain’s titanium pen is perfectly cylindrical, but won’t roll off the table

Having delighted us in the past with their unusual, beautiful, magnet-actuated pens and pencils, HRIBARCAIN is back with the MAGNO-INK Ti, a pen that builds on the company’s line of magnet-actuated stationery, with a few delightful upgrades.

The MAGNO-INK Ti comes with a slick, cylindrical body sporting a parting line around its waist. Pull the two halves apart, and the pen expands to grow longer, while also ejecting out the pen’s D1 ballpoint-tip. The mechanism seems unusually counter-intuitive at first, given that you’re pulling the pen’s two halves apart to push out the tip, but it does come with its reason. Aside from being an incredibly fun interaction to constantly play with, the pull-to-open mechanism makes the MAGNO-INK Ti impossible to deploy accidentally in one’s pocket. Neodymium magnets power the MAGNO-INK Ti’s innovative mechanism, making sure the pen opens only when you want it to open, and closes with a satisfying click as the two halves slide back together.

The pen’s minimal, sleek, cylindrical outer body even comes with a clever brass counter-weight on the inside that prevents the pen from rolling off surfaces… a problem most pen-aficionados will attest to. Made with 13 precisely engineered parts, the MAGNO-INK Ti’s patent-pending design comes with a lifetime warranty. Available in aluminum as well as a special titanium edition (you can choose between chrome and satin finishes too), HRIBARCAIN’s most innovative pen is compact, classy, and an absolute delight to own, write with, and occasionally fidget with too!


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MAGNO-INK Ti is a highly unique pen powered by a combination of High Strength Magnets. It features an Anti-roll mechanism and is made from Space Grade Titanium meaning it is incredibly strong. It is the first and only pen in the world to operate in this way.

In Satin Finish

In Polished Finish

They are the very first company in the world to use magnets in order to control the activation of a writing instrument.

Below: What’s Inside

World’s First Anti-Roll Technology to be Incorporated in a Pen.


MAGNO-INK In Aluminium Color Range

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $47 ($13 off). Hurry, only 38/200 Left!