Tablet PC is a Home PC and a Backup Solution

Computers are in need of improvement in two areas: flexibility in the apartment & backing up data. What does flexibility means? The combination of a tablet PC and a docking station, turns into the perfect home PC called M!nd. It’s an alternative to the standard notebook and provides both a comfortable browsing and ergonomic experience. The backup process is an entirely different beast.

A unique approach is the built-in backup feature that turns backing up your data into an experience. By tilting the tablet PC towards the hard drive, the backup process is activated. In an animation, the unsaved data flows metaphorically into your hard drive. The abstract process of data backup gets more tangible. The goal is to encourage users to actively secure their data in order to increase its appreciation and to create an authentic sense of security.

Question, is this a better alternative to the current cloud model many companies are pushing for?

Designer: Johannes Neusel

[youtube: 600 451]