A Watch for Lovers

This thoughtful 3d-printed timepiece by Daniel Kamp was designed to remind the wearer of their partner, family member, or friend. Appropriately named the Other-Half Watch, it features a secondary face meant to be set to a significant other’s unique timezone. This hidden face is located on the inner part of the wristband, keeping loved ones close even when they’re geographically far away.

In a contrast of elements, the strap consists of two halves: one of which is printed in 3D solid stainless steel, and the other a black leather strap. While contemporary in style, the juxtaposition of  materials gives a nod to traditional forms.

An adjustable notch was developed to connect the leather and steel, allowing for easy size adjustment to fit most wrists. The simple clipping motion makes it more comfortable and easier to wear than traditional clasps.

Designer: Daniel Kamp