This power brick replaces every single charger you need, keeping your desk clutter-free and organized

Even now, as I speak, two sets of power strips sit beside me. One, with sockets for plugging my laptop, smart speaker, and LED lights into, and another for USB-powered devices like my wireless charger, and dock for my Apple Watch. I’ve been rather meticulous about how to place these power strips so they don’t clutter my desk, but truth be told, they look nightmarish, with the number of cables going into them and coming out of them. If you’re anything like me, the Baseus team has you covered. The tragedy of having more gadgets is having to also deal with more charging cables for those gadgets. That tragedy is further compounded by the possibility that maybe you don’t have enough power outlets to keep all your gadgets charged at the same time. The Baseus 65W GaN III USB-C Charging Hub takes care of most of those problems, by consolidating all your power cables and bricks into one single device. Designed as a monolithic entity that sits on your desk, the Baseus 65W GaN III USB-C Charging Hub (yes, the name is a handful) lets you plug your laptop, printer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, TWS earbuds, and a bunch of other devices into it… simultaneously. Like a power strip on steroids, it manages the power requirements of all your devices while also reducing the number of chargers, adapters, and power bricks you need. This one brick can handle them all.

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The Baseus 65W GaN III USB-C Charging Hub, as its name aptly points out, relies on Gallium Nitride or GaN to effectively manage its power distribution. GaN, as opposed to silicon carbide, is incredibly effective at conducting electrons and withstanding high electrical fields. It exceeds the performance capability of silicon in speed, temperature, and power handling, while allowing your power brick or adapter to be ridiculously small, making it perfect for high-performance charging solutions. In short, smaller adapters, lesser clutter, better charging performance. Win, win, win.

The Baseus 65W GaN III USB-C Charging Hub works to organize and streamline all your charging requirements by simply letting you plug all your devices into its power outlets. The hub comes with two AC plug sockets on either side, and two each USB-C and USB-A ports on the front, letting you manage power to 6 devices simultaneously. The hub, Baseus mentions, is capable of outputting 65W, perfect for fast-charging your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, but it’s worth noting that the hub can only output the full 65W when you’ve got only one device plugged in. Nevertheless, it still efficiently allocates power to each of your gadgets in a way that reduces the need for a clunky power strip and large brick-shaped adapters cluttering your workspace.

The most impressive feature, however, is the charging hub’s size. No larger than a deodorant stick (that’s honestly the only comparison I could think of), the Baseus 65W GaN III USB-C Charging Hub measures a paltry 3.82 inches length-wise, and just over an inch and a half in width and depth. As small as it is, the charging hub replaces power bricks thrice its size, keeping your desk free of unnecessary clutter as well as of adapters that get heated up with usage. Baseus’ GaN3 tech provides a much higher fast-charging performance without heating up, and the hub is certified-safe by RoHs, FCC and ETL.

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