Oyster Cards Get Cute

The Oyster card, London’s electronic travel card system, is something synonymous with natives and visitors alike. Unchanged for 8 years, designer Benjamin Parton thought it was time for a total redesign- something fun and memorable with improved functionality. The Oi is a wearable oyster card that can be worn as a ring or “watchstrap widget.” As easy to identify as it is handy, Oi aims to help ease the confusion caused by passengers fumbling for the old-school cards.

Oi uses the same radio-frequency coil infrastructure as the existing Oyster cards and the final product can be bent and twisted without damaging the internal components and is also unaffected by interference from other radio frequency devices.

Designer: Benjamin Parton


  • Kinga says:

    It’s really cute and practical. I’d like to have it in Poland:)

  • Simon says:

    I use the existing Oyster card and this would be brilliant as I’m always misplacing my card.

  • Jeroen says:

    wauw this is awesome! in holland we also got an system that works the same. in the winter i put my card in my glove so i dont have to keep it at hand all the time, but in sumer time i always lose my card when i put it in my pants or place it some other place… would be awesome to make an system that you could upload your card onto a ring or watchstrap widget.

  • BenC says:

    I heard that some Japanese people use this kind of NFC wristband.

    But anyway, It’s a good idea though..
    For your information.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I like it. I wish they could use this system for opening doors in my dorm at school

  • Kit says:

    There’s one problem with this concept. Lots of people a few years ago took out the RFID chips from their Oyster cards and put them into things like rings and bracelets – but that goes against the terms of service (because they were damaging the card). They then got fined. I would imagine that this wouldn’t work – at least until Transport For London sees how this kind of thing can be useful.

    I mean, in Japan people can use their phones for payments at shops and they can also load them up with the travelcards using NFC. If TfL implements a similar system, then I would love it.

  • CopyLion says:

    In Hong Kong we have Octopus-Card-in-a-watch and key holders too. That watch looks like (and works like) any other watches though, not so innovative and lovely like Oi.

  • ArmageddonKitten says:

    In America… we just don’t bother much with public transit because we are, by nature, a very backwards nation. I envy all the countries that are smart enough to employ public transit. Innovative technology like Oyster Cards are unthinkable in a nation where trains, busses, and subways are shunned except in the largest of cities–and even then the populace has to fight to get a working bus system.

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