This lawn-mounted personal weather-station gives you AI-powered forecast predictions

This device does for your smart home what your Alexa can’t. Tempest turns every part of your home into a smart-home, from your front-gate to your backyard. Designed as an all-in-one weather-monitoring system that sits on your lawn, Tempest uses a variety of sensors and AI to predict the weather for your house. It enables you to plan your day better, know what to watch out for when you’re stepping out or even when you’re indoors, and most importantly, it helps calibrate your home’s energy consumption based on the forecast it generates. It’ll tell you when there’s a storm brewing minutes before the storm hits or if you should put on sunscreen when the sunlight’s harsh, it can close your garage door when it gets too windy, and it’ll automatically switch your sprinklers off if there’s a rain shower in the forecast. The Tempest runs entirely on solar power and communicates with your home using long-range Wi-Fi. It even sends back data to WeatherFlow, which collectively uses all the pooled information to accurately predict weather patterns across the world.

Your smart-home should be capable of offering more than a video-doorbell, or voice-activated lights and fans. Tempest, as a device, offers a unique set of controls over your house, not only saving money and energy, but also keeping you informed and safe. Since the device manifests itself right outside your household, the weather forecast you get is specific to your region, with tailor-made advice and commands unique to your location. The Tempest, a small cylindrical device, comes with a variety of sensors that allows it to capture weather data. A light sensor captures light intensity and UV index, while a haptic rain sensor can tell when it begins raining, also being able to measure the intensity of the precipitation. An internal barometer and thermometer measure pressure, temperature, and humidity, while a unique sonic wind sensor can calculate wind speeds simply by measuring sound. The Tempest even comes with a lightning sensor that can measure lightning strikes up to 40km away, for an incredibly detailed weather analysis in real-time. The appliance mounts on any standard pole outside your house and relies on solar panels for power. A single day’s worth of charging can keep Tempest running for nearly two weeks, so an overcast day won’t leave you literally in the dark!

Designed to be totally wireless and run seamlessly out of the box without any friction whatsoever, Tempest uses the data it captures to help you run your smart-home. You can connect the Tempest device via IFTTT and other shortcut services to turn your smart-home into an incredibly smart one. Control the internal settings based on the external stimulus, tell Tempest to let you know if there’s a blizzard approaching, or to switch the lights on immediately after sunset or if it gets dark. Tempest even pools data with nearby Tempest devices to create an accurate weather map of the region, sharing accurate data with weather services and meteorologists across the world to benefit everyone. Pretty impressive what your smart-home can do for you and the world, isn’t it??

Designer: Phil Atkinson of WeatherFlow

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Tempest: A Revolutionary Personal Weather System

The all-new Tempest is a personal weather station and it includes an AI-powered forecast app with guarantee accuracy.

Trying to plan a backyard barbecue with a forecast that keeps changing? The guessing game is over. Tempest is the first app that knows your weather.

A Weather Station So Advanced, It’s Simple. A design with no moving parts, nearly zero maintenance and instant online weather and forecasting data. Install the Tempest home weather system in less than five minutes and it will do the rest!

Weather observations stream instantly from the solar-powered, wireless Tempest station through WeatherFlow’s data center and are used to help provide a better forecast for your exact location.

Help Prepare for Extreme Weather

The Tempest System provides real-time weather observations wherever it’s placed. This unique weather data is shared with the National Weather Service, contributing to a more accurate general forecast and helping us all predict and prepare for hazardous weather.

Turn Your Smart Home into a Genius

Enable your thermostat to use the weather conditions outside your home to conserve heating and cooling use. Automate your sprinklers to operate based on rainfall. Get text alerts when lightning is approaching. Save time and money with a home that can optimize itself.

The Tempest Hardware

No moving parts and near-zero maintenance, simply install and instantly watch the data pour in.

Proprietary Sensor Hardware

Wind. The Tempest uses ultrasonic sound to measure wind speed & direction continuously capturing every gust and updating every three seconds.

Rain. The Tempest’s haptic rain sensor calculates the force of each falling raindrop, so you’ll know precisely when the rain began, rain intensity, rain duration and total accumulation.

Lightning. Tempest will alert you to lightning activity in your area and alerts you as storms get closer. It detects both cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud strikes up to 25 miles (40km) away.

Temperature. Tempest measures air temperature, but also reports the “feels like” temperature that’s more relevant for human beings.

Humidity. By measuring relative humidity, Tempest reports dew point temperature, an indication of how muggy if feels.

Pressure. Both station pressure and sea-level pressure (corrected for your elevation) are reported by Tempest.

Sunlight. Tempest reports UV index, solar radiation, and total brightness.

Tempest Also Reports: Wind Chill, Heat Index, Dew Point Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature, Delta T, Air Density, and more.

Fully Solar Powered. Tempest has integrated solar panels and a lifetime rechargeable battery. It takes less than a full day of sun to charge, and it’ll run for up to two weeks with no sun at all. Never change a battery again!

Totally Wireless. The Tempest kit includes a small WiFi Hub that sits anywhere inside your home within range of your WiFi signal. Thanks to an incredibly long-range connection to the Hub, you can place the Tempest station up to 1000 feet (300 m) away and never miss a bit.

All About The Data

Accurate measurements from your location, along with data from other Tempest Systems, flows to their data processing center. There they also collect ALL other relevant weather data, including measurements from satellites, aircraft, radars and other surface weather stations. Their process ultimately yields standardized data and a real-time analysis product.

Your Better Forecast

Their forecast system initializes with the ECMWF, the highly acclaimed European global forecast model and the best of NOAA’s forecast models. Over key areas, WeatherFlow’s operational forecast system (WF WRF) assimilates the most valuable observations into this powerful baseline to provide detailed regional forecasts. The team then applies powerful machine learning techniques (WF AI) to post-process the model output, providing a more accurate regional forecast than can be produced by models alone.

A Better Weather App

WeatherFlow Provides Critical Data. Every Tempest Helps

Tempest data, along with all the real-time useful data, is part of data sets which are shared with the National Weather Service (NWS-NOAA), supporting their mission of predicting dangerous weather and warning the public of potential risks.

NOAA has licensed data from WeatherFlow’s industrial grade weather stations for many years and will now be able to utilize additional data from the Tempest System. They help contribute to NOAA and other public agencies so they’re better equipped to fulfill their role in protecting life and property.

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