Power – The Snap Fastener Way!

I think the Convenient Battery Pack style of juicing will work best for DIY kits and projects where one is experimenting with Lab projects. I don’t see a very commercial everyday use for it. Unless you find it fun to power a huge fan or torchlight using a bunch of these snap-fastener batteries. It’s definitely a design exploration exercise in how we can redesign the AA cells and a look into how we can improvise.

Designer: Gao Meng


  • sikismece says:

    wow it looks very esthetic.

  • engineering_thoughts says:

    Clever. More importantly, actually implementable.

    Battery holders are not implicitly bad as suggested – that is to say, a battery holder hasn’t really been a problem for me in the past…

    It would be great if the batteries were backwards compatible with the current and ubiquitous battery design…

  • Luis says:


  • Nik says:

    This could have a niche-market replacing ‘cell packs’ in rechargeable items like multi-LED torches and lanterns that routinely out-last their NiMH cell sets. Soldering individual ‘tabbed’ cells to an oddly shaped ‘custom’ pack is stuff of nightmare, especially using ‘lead free’. Commercially, IIRC, they are spot-welded.

    But, these batteries would have to come in the fractional-AA sizes — 2/3 & 3/4– to allow for the end-caps…

    Small wonder the high-end LED stuff uses standard, replaceable cells !!

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