The Magical Bend

I have seen tons of elegant flatware but none of them as ingenious as this! The Magic Spoon is a delightful set of spoons, knives and forks that have built-in clasps at the end. Yes, exactly the hairpin kind! You can cleverly cling it to your plate while clearing out the dishes, seal pouches or simply be this show-off with cool cutlery!

Magic Spoon is a 2010 Kitchen Tools Winner!

Designer: Ivan Erkic


  • Remal says:

    very useful
    especially for the coffee & tea

  • Agnieszka Anna says:

    one day a freshly observed carrot will set off a revolution — Paul Cezanne
    in the world of spoons, this just happened…

  • Surely the knife and fork must be a very uncomfortable alternative to eat a meal with?? And leaving a metal spoon in a boiling cup of tea? Gcse physics tells me this isn't a great idea? I don't really see the real need for this product..

  • LaNeshe says:

    That is brilliant!

  • while pretty genius, think of all the scratched glasses and plates. i dont mind a slightly marred coffee bean bag, though.

  • john says:

    this is how a spoon should look like! Ingenious!!!

  • super design.


  • Kitty says:

    I loved!! Amazing (:

  • alaa says:

    so, this designer is a heroin addict, right?

  • Santiago Cantera says:


  • Vanja Valencak says:

    Svaka ti cast! Bravo!

  • Perhaps a silicone or rubber coating on the inside of the 'clip' would alleviate scratched plates etc. Would also be intersting to see some long teaspoons made from some non thermal-reactive material would work great for coffee shops etc. Even from some sort of bio-degradable material (like the plastic spoons you get nowadays, but more eco friendly).

    Great concept and execution, nonetheless!

  • so many haters and dumbasses on this site. this product is brilliant!! id love to have a set

  • Hank_Scorpio says:

    Another stupid idea. I put a clothes peg on the coffee bean bag – works. And I never have a problem balancing the cutlery on plates either.

    Congrats – you just reinvented nothing.

    • Guest says:

      Yes, a clothes pin works for holding the bag closed, but it clearly wouldn't be able to scoop the coffee beans/grounds out. The designer probably wanted it to be shown as a multi-purpose tool.

    • hitchens says:

      You're either a troll or an idiot. And seeing as a troll is basically just an idiot with a basic grasp of irony… take your pick?

  • study more says:

    take a spoon, make it half with a straight edge and the other half with the usual shape.
    this spoon can do something more than a normal spoon, it can scrape off easily the inside of any marmalade/nutella vase.

    if i take a spoon and make it 60% longer to have it hang easily on the rim of the cup i just have a spoon which costs 60% more material and does the same thing as the usual one.

    think simpler.

  • @kingLoosh says:

    smart idea, not revolutionary, but smart.

  • dune says:

    So simple but so ingenious, this is a great design. I’d love to hang these up on a wall by the sink instead of having them in a drawer, that would be great.

  • dune says:

    So simple but so ingenious, this is a great design. I’d love to hang these up on a wall by the sink instead of having them in a drawer, that would be great.

  • Alison says:

    i can see it getting dirty right under the handle,disgusting.

  • AijoDesigns says:

    What a great idea! Love it!

  • this is about as magical as magnets but I still really like the idea

  • Sillyidea says:

    Don't really care for it. It looks awkward and I wouldn't imagine it would feel particularly comfortable to hold in the hand. Not to mention pretty pointless. I don't see a need for it, and I'm surprised that there's even an interest!

  • nd2949 says:

    This is not genius. Try stirring the liquid, then the problem occurs.

  • Nic says:

    Interesting idea, definitely a new way of thinking about an every day object. Not going to lie though, all I can think about is what a pain in the butt it would be to clean that thing lol

  • heo says:

    it seems to be very useful~ and as its shape is very simple

  • 2more says:

    This is so pointless… Why would u wanna attach the spoon to ur dishes? Whats the point? There’s only one sorta useful pic in there. and that is the coffeespoon that closes the bag. Everything else is just stupid

  • pcm says:

    appearently the peeps who think it is useless do not drink iced tea with sugar or any other drink with granular mixture. Also would be good for mixed drinks. THe alcohol melts ice so a spoon would be great to stir before drinking. Also for breaking up ice in i ce water . I like to crunch ice so i keep a spoon in my water. feeding kids… I see many uses

  • Bill says:

    you’re a dumbass!!! lots of people have their forks fall off the plate while they are going to the living room to watch tv and eat…it’s not something you Need..but it there is a niche for it!

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