Twist and Squeeze

Designer Jason Kline discovered people don’t use most of the buttons on today’s TV remotes. The complex array of function only confuses some and alienates others. Most people also only watch 12 different channels so why are we still using these ever elongating sticks? Kline suggests another way called the Licentia.

The Licentia is straight forward, no-nonsensical remote control consisting of 2 discs which can be spun or compressed in a number of gesture patterns to interact with your TV. Once you get the hang of it, channel hopping will become easier and faster. None of that cumbersome numeric keypad stuff.

Unfortunately it’s saucer-like shape doesn’t mean it comes with alien technology so you won’t be turning off neighboring TV’s at huge tech conferences. Yeah, I’m looking at you Gizmodo. 🙂

Designer: Jason Kline