No Hassle Tea Tumbler

The Kicker Tea Tumbler, the latest concept from Kicker Studio, combines a teapot, infuser, and heater into a minimal tumbler that subtly incorporates technology to ensure that each brew yields the perfect cup of tea each time. The “low tech” feel and natural materials preserve the sensory experience of sight, touch, and smell of traditional tea making.
Fill: You fill the device with tea leaves and water. Rings on the infuser show the recommended amount of loose tea to put in, and the form itself indicates the waterline for 2 mugs of tea.

Heat: Placing the teapot in the base selects the type of tea. The light glows to let you know which tea type you’ve selected, and indicates that the water is heating. A whistle-like chirp will let you know it’s ready to be flipped for brewing.

Brew: Flip the pot over and the timer on the top of the cap begins to count down the ideal steep time based on the tea type selected. When the light goes out, the tea is ready.

Pour: Flipping the hourglass right side up stops the tea infusion. Simply unscrew the cap and pour. The lip is designed to catch drips. As for the leaves, they’ll remain in the cap for re-steeping or easy disposal.

Designer: Kicker Studio

The Kicker Tea Tumbler – How it Works from Kicker Studio on Vimeo.