Is He/She Thinking About Me?!

Awww! I love the idea behind this design by Christian Sallustro… Aura is an interactive lamp designed to split into two identical and symmetrical pieces that allows two geographically separated people such as family members, couples, or friends to share their feelings through light signals. The user’s physical interaction with the lamp’s surface translates wirelessly to its counterpart with varying expressions of light that let the user on the other end know you are thinking about them!

Designer: Christian Sallustro


  • Francesco says:

    Amazing but…
    TRON wants his disc back…

  • Mario says:

    Looks a lot to me to the dyson fan….. not very original in form.

  • Grey says:

    No it doesn’t, does the “O” look familiar? Who copied who? OMW! sheezh!

  • Christian says:

    The project “Aura, segnali di luce” is my Master Project Thesis that it has been developed in collaboration of Eindhoven University of Technology during my internship at The Light lab.

    During the development of the project, we did several user tests in order to find a solution that matched the user interaction, technology and aesthetical requirements.
    Those requirements were the result of iteration: meeting with the experts and users interrogation were moments of reflection in which the project changed aspects and characteristics. The shape has been enriched by the feedback from the users and the value propositions built around the product.

    Nobody has copied nobody…is easy comment that the shape is similar another project or something else. I truly believe that as designer we should see more far and give more constructive feedback to help other designers/people in developing projects in order to open new way and vision for the future.

  • Blair says:

    I want to buy this!!!!!

  • Kirsten says:

    I would buy this in an instant. Perhaps a heart-shape, to shut up the whiners? (C’mon, like a ring is an idea anyone has a claim to.) Still, I love this.

  • Volanti says:

    So, Christian, is there a way at all I can buy this??

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