No matter what age you are, being well rested can mean the difference between a good or bad start of the day. Doze is a sleep positioner designed for disabled children, particularly those who suffer from muscle tension and loss of muscle tone, that assists with side-lying posture at bedtime. The pod decreases the risk of sleeping in awkward positions that may interfere with growth, put pressure on the spine, as well as air flow, which can cause severe breathing problems.

Designer: Lucia Hsieh



  • Ray says:

    Is this really a problem? Are there really kids who’s sleep position is so poor that it affects their growth? Anyways, I’ve always found that being bound to a stiff object makes it more difficult to sleep. Will the additional growth that you may see offset the decrease in growth that will accompany the stress from sleep deprivation? Also, you want the curvature to be adjustable? You think that the average parent is gonna correctly eyeball their child into the fetal position?

  • Zak says:

    Didn’t you read the blurb? Its for disabled children, who need to sleep in the correct position in order to prevent any problems with their growth, not for all children to use… i think its a pretty nice idea with an issue behind it.

  • Ray says:

    musta missed the word when i was skimming it. I retract my first few statments

  • su says:

    I’ve seen a family lose their disabled child when he died from breathing problem while sleeping. Aparently, if a child sleeps with his head awkwardly turned from normal position, it can severely affect the person’s breathing.

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