This tiny hybrid power adapter and hub fast charges multiple Apple devices and supports 5Gbps data transfer!

Designed to quite literally put power at your fingertips (maybe not THAT literally), Zendure’s SuperHub basically solves the problem of having multiple devices to charge and just one power outlet. Designed as a power-brick but with multiple ports, the SuperHub lets you use one outlet to route power to all your devices, while at the same time, allowing you to transfer data between them… serving the role of a USB hub along with a power-delivery system.

The SuperHub isn’t so much a multi-port device as it is a way to multitask. Designed around the emerging culture of working from cafés, restaurants, or co-working spaces, the hub replaces the clunky power adapter that you use to charge your laptop with a slick, well-designed brick that takes care of all possible power needs. Armed with an AC power input on one end, and two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and a 4K HDMI port on the other, the SuperHub takes ownership of both power as well as data delivery. You can connect multiple devices, including your laptop, to the SuperHub, charging them simultaneously, while also letting you plug an external display in to broadcast your phone, tablet, or laptop’s screen on it. SuperHub even supports Samsung’s DeX mode, allowing you to not just extend your phone’s display, but rather transform your phone into a full-fledged desktop running Samsung’s DeX desktop software.

The SuperHub does all this multitasking and heavy-lifting despite being as small as two Airpods cases placed side by side. “This small form factor is possible thanks to GaN (gallium nitride), a semiconductor material with specific benefits over its predecessors in certain applications. In power converters, GaN semiconductors run at a higher efficiency, produce less heat, and tolerate higher current compared to traditional silicon-based approaches”, say the folks at Zendure. This allows the SuperHub to multitask the way it does, efficiently supplying fast-charging power to your laptop, phone, tablet, gaming console, and even DSLR while being tethered to just one power-socket… so you could be in a studio, a workshop, a shared working space, or even a café and still be a 100% productive with all your gear!

Designer: Joe Zhang

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SuperHub – Card-Sized Charging, Data & Video Hub with Dual PD

SuperHub is a credit card-sized 4-port power adapter & hub, an integrated charging, data & video transfer solution for work, meetings, travel, entertainment and more. Wherever your day takes you, SuperHub lets you do more while carrying less.

USB C1: 30W Power Delivery, 5Gbps
USB C2: 18W Power Delivery
USB-A: 7.5W Power Output, 5Gbps
HDMI: 4K@60Hz

As a hybrid power adapter and hub, SuperHub is powerful enough to handle many tasks and compact enough to take anywhere, making your life easier.

Work: 30W Power Delivery + 18W Power Delivery

With 30W Power Delivery, SuperHub can fast-charge your iPad Pro, Switch, or even a MacBook at full speed, while charging iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes at the same time. Powered by SuperHub, the 11” iPad Pro can get two more hours of charge in just one hour. That’s better than the 18W power adapter that comes with iPad Pro.

Meeting: Power Supply + HUB + HDMI Solution

SuperHub uses USB 3.1 with 5Gbps data transfer, 10 times faster than traditional USB 2.0. You can transfer a movie in seconds. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t like waiting.

Travel: Super High 5Gbps Data Transfer

Transferring photos from your camera to your computer probably isn’t the highlight of your day. SuperHub’s high-speed 5Gbps data transfer makes quick work of this task, anywhere. Yes, even without plugging it into the wall first.

SuperHub’s 4K@60Hz HDMI port allows you to connect compatible USB-C devices to a TV or larger display with up to 4K resolution. While similar products are capable of a slower frame rate of 30Hz, SuperHub delivers 60Hz performance. Whether you’re giving a presentation, watching a movie, or gaming, enjoy twice the detail.

Entertainment: A Better Viewing Experience

Watching movies directly on a phone or tablet is far from ideal. Use SuperHub to connect your compatible phone or tablet to a high-resolution display and enjoy up to 4K resolution at 60Hz.

DeX / PC Mode: Turn Your Samsung Galaxy S20 into a Laptop

If your phone supports DeX/PC mode, you can use SuperHub to connect your phone to an external display and keyboard. This feature is compatible with the latest Samsung S20. Leave the laptop at home if it’s not sparking joy today.

This feature is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10/S20, Note 10/10+ for USB PD charging and DeX mode, Huawei P20/P30, Mate 10/20/30 series for USB PD charging and PC mode.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $99 (41% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $220,000.