It’s the new year. 80% of you probably made a resolution to eat healthy this year. That’s why the Tang XiaoZheng is for you. Once you get past the slightly confusing name, you’ll appreciate the product for the awesome appliance it is. Designed to occupy as little space as possible when not in use, the Tang XiaoZheng is a food steamer. All you do is lower the lid, place your food, and cover it with the transparent cloche. Then you fill the reservoir with water, power the machine on, and make way for a healthier 2016! To wind up, just flip the lid back into upward position and forget about the Tang XiaoZheng, because hey, it’s as slim as you’re going to be after eating healthy!

The Tang XiaoZheng is a Red Dot Award winner for the year 2015.

Designer: Tangen Technology Co. Ltd.