Get More Out Of Your Toothpaste Tube

Here is another intriguing Toothpaste Packaging design that makes total sense. SavePaste has a three-point agenda: To eliminate the hard-to-squeeze dead space, minimizing toothpaste residue left inside the container; Reduce two packaging to one. It means we can reduce waste and manufacturing price plus encourage recycling. And finally, have a user-friendly design so that people easily adopt it. I think it’s a full score on all three fronts!

Designers: Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee


  • There are three basic kinds of software, although these will have their own subsections, as will probably be discussed later:
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    some kind of text software is available. Dongles are available on SD, Micro SD, and compact flash (CF) cards.

  • alia henderson says:

    how can I order this for packaging?

  • Dear Radhika

    I like your design, please contact me for further discussion about how we can work this out.

    Best Regards

    Sosuke Okamura

  • Randy Cole says:

    I am very interested in the Tooth paste packaging. I have been looking at regular tooth paste and cosmetic tube packaging for my line of products, but after seeing your design, I know this is the route to go. Please contact me so that we can discuss this further.

    Thanks in advance,
    Randy Cole

  • ali says:

    Would like to purchase the separate tubes contact me at your earliest convenience

  • Casey says:

    I’m developing toothpaste and looking into packaging. I’d like to talk to you about ordering, and maybe look at a sample. And more questions.
    Thank you, Casey 530 520 4303

  • Kimberley pegg says:

    Hi there, is your toothpaste packaging in production? Could I speak further with you -please contact me.

    Kimberley Pegg

  • Luiz Puech says:

    I am trying to localize Sang Min Yu e Wong Sang Lee. I am a Brazilian businessman and we have people on our behalf in London.
    I want to discuss the availability of licencing or bying the rights to produce one product (an inovative also one…)of yours: the save paste.
    Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible, I thank you in advance.
    Yours, truly,
    Luiz De Rezende Puech

  • Dagmar Slacalova says:

    Hi. I am looking for toothpaste, and I bumped into yours. It is brilliant! Corresponds to my thinking as I make natural cosmetics, your tuba is an indispensable part of. I can take it with you to order? Please contact me and arrange the conditions.

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