This design studio turns cardboard boxes into stools & animal shelters in a bid to reduce waste!

Sustainability is taking over the world, and especially the design world as they come up with solutions, by a storm. You can see it everywhere from architecture to products and one of my favorite categories is packaging design. By innovating the product structure, the design transformed small common objects that are easily forgotten by people into something more useful and meaningful.

Designed as a packaging solution for Pampers, P-Box is an innovative project that can help the diaper brand reduce its packaging waste. The aim was to give more meaning to the cardboard shipping boxes by transforming them into simple (yet special!) things. The online shopping industry is massive and shipping boxes are the largest recyclable waste category – in fact, based on data there are 50 million tons of discarded cardboard boxes became waste in China which is also one of the largest markets and manufacturers for the industry. So P-Box gives these cardboard boxes a new purpose by turning them into innovative objects for daily use. You can turn it into a cat shelter, a lightweight stool that can be flat-packed, use it to store items you only occasionally use like that guests-only dinnerware, and lastly it can also be used as a sustainable alternative to gift bags/wrapping papers.

To transform the box into the mentioned objects, you don’t need any assembly expertise – it is just basic craft knowledge and using the existing material at hand. “Through different topics and concepts, the design did not just meet the basic functionalities for daily uses but also other humanitarian benefits, such as compartmentalizing wastes, giving homeless animals a shelter, etc. This brought an entirely different perception on such an ordinary thing, this huge contrast brought awareness to the public that ‘small actions can make a great difference,” says the team at RONG Design. Too simple? Then there is no excuse to not repurpose your next online order box!

Designer: RONG Design