Watch Encourages Play

The Moosh Watch is a response to the global decline in children’s physical activity & the increase in the percentage of overweight and obese children worldwide. The solution aims to encourage exercise & interaction by providing a way for kids to reflect on daily activities by simply by doing what they do best- playing. The watch measures the type, duration, & other members involved in an activity & links this information to a social networking site where they earn badges based & can compare their scores.

Designer: Martin Spurway


  • gandg says:

    what a stupidity! kids in park with laptop and ipod. add facebook and twitter and you have best way to ruin your childhood.

  • MDesigns says:

    Its disconcerting that this was designed and thought of it good enough for posting here. Kids already have phones and social networking.

  • common says:

    Are you kidding me? It’s disconcerting that you posted that comment. Seriously guys use a bit of common sense. The whole point is you wear the watch run about and play then download your data afterwards onto what is probably mum and dad’s smartphone\laptop. So no martin hasn’t invented phones and social networking and no the kids probably won’t be in the park with laptop’s and ipods. Granted the picture’s dont explain it brilliantly. It’s essentially a Nike+ for Kids.

  • Bo says:

    “Encourage social and outdoor play” …

    Kids will spend a minute connecting their devices and the rest of the day in front of a computer.

  • Andrea says:

    I think it is a good idea. My 9 year old asked me for a fitbit since I have one. I want to find her something more fun and age appropriate. This could be it.

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