MONDO and DUO 24 World Timer Watches

The award-winning Botta-Design has much to take pride about; talk about 50 awards under their belt (including red dot) and the revolutionary modern one-hand watch design by founder Klaus Botta! As a big fan of horology I am completely mesmerized by complication in a watch and especially features like world time. The MONDO and DUO 24 World Timer Watches are watches for modern everyday life and not just globetrotters like me.

Think about it, if you live in a country like the US, you need to know the three time zones on the tip of you fingers not confuse Eastern Time with CET – Central European time! World Timer Watches eliminate the risk of confusion with just a glance.

Let’s talk about the DUO 24 first, this is the first-ever dual time-zone watch based on the one-hand principle. What this means is that it shows both the local time and the time at one additional time zone, using just one hand in each case. The outlying main display shows the local time, and the 12-hour hand points to the same one-hand scale that has been used in the UNO.

The watch also features a secondary display that can show any second time zone that you fancy. To avoid the confusion surrounding daytime and nighttime, just follow the artificial horizon on the dial; it sets things straight for you. Powered with a RONDA 515.24H Swiss Made movement, you can team this beautiful watch with a vegetable tanned leather strap, steel link or rubber strap.

The MONDO features a more classic design and hosts a central 12-hour display using three hands. In this watch only the outlying 24-hour display is based on the one-hand principle. For the daytime distinctions, an artificial horizon divides the 24-hour ring to reflect the same. The positioning of the 24-hour display at the outermost edge of the dial gives the scale maximum resolution and makes it very easy to read.

If you were to ask me what makes both these watches stand apart from the rest, then it has to be the feature where the hands are set completely independently from each other, allowing the you to choose half and quarter-hour time zone offsets. It’s a rare feature to find among dual time zone watches, so this is a genuine advantage offered by Botta-Design.

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