Making A Big Deal Out of Lights & Trash

Solar power and waste disposal is always a winning combination with the green brigade, but unlike some loft concepts, the City Context is a very practical and utilitarian design. It’s the combo of solar powered streetlamps with color-coded dustbins within the shaft of the lamp. Icons on the bin indicate its use and help in garbage segregation in its first level itself.

Garbage collectors operate the open the bin using a magnetic card. So theft, accidental topples and hygiene are tackled at one go. Awesome!

City Context is a 2011 IDEA Award Winner!

Designers: Li-Te Lo, Song-Jung Chen, Tai-Yen Lee, Chun-Wei Hsu & Cheng-Yu Tsai


  • David Cullis says:

    I really think this is an awesome concept! roll on the future

  • Ahmed says:

    too much styling, for a simple idea.
    I think streetlamp is not a luxurious yacht, it needs to be simple cheap and objective.

  • dezzy says:

    Ahmed you are tooo very idiotttt man!!!

  • dezzy says:

    Ahmed you are tooo very id…..i…………o………….t…………….

  • ambiva says:

    1 imo the lantern looks ugly
    2 the pole is impossible to make using conventional mass production methods.
    3 extremely cost-ineffective (product cost will be way too high)

  • R1CHARD says:

    r u kiddin me? i made same idea half year ago….the shape is different,but the idea is the same…

  • It’s realy a nice lighting pole with solar and led solution , I would realy appreciate to receive the address of this pole design .

  • Raco says:

    Wow thats a fancy light. recently saw a similar installation in manchester we could do with something like this rolling out where i live.

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