Urban Diversity in Motion

This MA degree project at the Royal College of Art, MONOFORM addresses the automotive industry’s lack of cultural relevance. It stands as a point of view towards progressive mobility experiences that connect with the emerging philosophies of the 21st century and speaks directly to those who feel alienated by the conservative symbolism applied in modern automotive design.

Still or in motion, this vehicle acts as a point of interaction between people and their environment through broken reflections of the urban landscapes; a concept that aims to use the contrasting elements of a city journey as the means to communicate a hopefully innovative expression of movement.

Designer: Fernando Ocaña


  • milad says:

    this design is a concept but you should have attention that this design will not have stability in movement and it s body will not be aerodynamic fernando

  • Todd Dunning says:

    I thought the description was actually a satire of political correctness. But then looking at the design you can feel the self-loathing, so it must be on the level.

  • ang rhi says:

    rear wheel steering… pfff. is it supposed to top out at 20 mph or what ? also, what about crash zones ?!? and the aesthetics are nothing but a joke. looks like he or she ís not very proficient in cad or anything else.

  • rodrigo says:

    i don’t get it

  • eddd says:

    If you are going to add package as your top requirement, take things into account like, motor, transmission, fuel storage, controls, etc.

    Additionally I wonder how easy it is to get up from your seat and exit the vehicle from a single narrow door in the corner, what is wrong with adding additional doors? Weight?

  • Matthew says:

    This is pretty silly. If you feel that much spiritual and emotional anguish about the ‘iconography’ of a car then you should 1) start going to church to develop your spiritual life 2) start seeing a counselor to deal with you big problems

  • ontherocks says:

    “…alienated by the conservative symbolism…” Is this supposed to be a joke? There are reasons for such things as symmetry, balance, functionality…they all serve a purpose.

    If this is serious, it is so devoid of any sense of logic, it makes Smart Cars look good.

  • Kim says:


  • Greg Miller says:


  • Vincent says:

    So … when “conservative” principles of design are etched away, this is what you’re left with. Does this not speak volumes?

  • Thanks for your handy post

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