Custom Yamaha MT03 Build Kit Reveals the 17-Year Old Motorcycle’s True Potential

The MT03 often goes unnoticed as an underrated bike that fails to capture the attention of the masses. Once seen as a mundane city bike for novices, its unassuming technical features left much to be desired. However, in reality, this bike surpasses all expectations with its remarkable character and capabilities. Its single-cylinder 660cc engine boasts impressive torque, allowing for effortless acceleration from low speeds. With a riding position inspired by motocross, generous ground clearance, and long-travel suspensions, it seems pretty evident that this bike has supermoto roots. The vibrations and thunderous roars emitted from its exhaust pipes only enhance this perception… so Ukrainian designer Rostyslav Matiukhin decided to give it a facelift. Dubbed the Revise MT03, this motorcycle gets the personality upgrade it needed. Ditching the overly ‘dudebro’ fairing, this new body kit is the kind people take seriously. The new design has a strong supermoto DNA, with a lightweight build that’s reminiscent of minimal, racer roots and has the ability to dominate both tarmac and terrain together.

Designer: Rostyslav Matiukhin (Revise)

The red, white, and black colorway gives the motorcycle a distinct contrast that’s great to look at when the bike’s still, but even more eye-catching when it zips past you. The fuel tank is stripped bare of any extraneous plastic, and replaced with new side radiator covers. Right above them lie the supermoto handguards, with a new headlight and windshield in front. The front and rear fenders get upgrades too, as does the taillight, which will probably be the last thing you see as this motorcycle disappears into the distance.

All modifications were designed with ergonomics in mind. Efficient wind and rainwater protection, a wide-angle rearview mirror, and informative LED lights increase the level of rider comfort and safety.

“This is not just a stylized custom bike based on the Yamaha MT03,” says founder of Revise, Rostyslav Matiukhin. “It is the result of the interaction with the motorcycle, exploring its engine temperament, handling characteristics, and the emotions it evokes. This fresh design reveals the hidden potential, highlights the motorcycle character, and gives the 17-year-old model a new lease of life.”

The Revise MT03 body kit includes a windshield, side radiator covers, front and rear fenders, tail light + bracket, wheel covers + valve extension, supermoto handguard, a wide-angle rearview mirror, and fastening elements.