Functional Waking Trap

Search for Alarm Clock on Yanko Design and you can view from the obvious to the most bizarre ones, all under one roof. For a change we have one here that is functional: functions as an alarm clock and functions as a socket! Alternate Alarm Clock, I reckon this one is for those who can’t open an eyelid without first gulping down tea/coffee. Wakeup and hit the switch for the percolator in one go!

Designer: Kihyun Kim

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Ray says:

    Hmmm… an open socket for where I usually slap my snooze button. Probably will never be a problem but the risk is there.

  • Bob says:

    I like it because it makes me think with all the different combinations I could use with this. But in the end I only would use my lamp I think.

  • Taft says:

    “He burned his foot?”

  • Vogie says:

    Another one of those designs where I slap my forehead and say WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!? So simple, so useful, it’s fantastic. Would need a more prominent snooze button, and I’d like the power to go both ways as well: for example, turning off your zen music or your fan, while turning on your bedside lamp.

  • Kek says:

    From a functional viewpoint,
    it existed for a long period(since 70-80’s here in Japan) and was named Sony PT(program timer) product line.

    They had 2 or more programmable AC100V outlets.

    for example:

  • db says:

    I liked the idea, however I’ve been using this product for over 7 years.

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