Ten Amazing Cellphone Concepts on Yanko Design

I often reason with my children that we survived the 80’s without the cellphone, here in India. We grew up to be safe and sound and managed to get home the message that we’d be late for dinner! I don’t blame the technology; it’s just that the user interface, product designing and features in today’s phones are so awesome, that they become a natural extension of our wrist! Here are Ten Amazing Cellphone Concepts that I have rounded up for you, ten reasons to look forward to new arm candy.

10) Sony Ericsson FH Mobile Phone by Du Jun

This concept explores the possibility of flipping and pivoting the cellphone to new dimensions. The phone even becomes an intercom of sorts when split into two, allowing easy communication between the two parties holding each end.

9) BlackBerry Empathy Concept by Kiki Tang & Daniel Yoon

Kiki and Daniel integrate human emotions with the concept of social networking to this phone. The phone is used along with a biometrics ring that perceives the users current emotional state and relays it to the phone. More info here.

8 ) Second Life Mobile Phone Concept by Cho Sinhyung & Jeon Jungjae

This concept is awesome for those who keep forgetting to recharge their phone and are running out of juice! In active use, the AMOLED screen is used and when its running low on juice or on standby, the E-ink display gets active.

7) Windows 7 Concept Phone by Lin Jian Feng

Ideal for those who like bulky phones that turn into mini computers in a jiffy! One phone that has it ALL!

6) iPhone 5 Concept by Michal Bonikowski

This breezy take on the iPhone 5 is quite surreal. Honestly, do you thing the next-gen will be something like this? I hope so!

5) Rotary Mechanical Smartphone by Richard Clarkson

Here is a classic steampunk take on the digital phone. A remix of two generations that appeals to the modernist and the classic! Elements like rotary dial and brass detailing are simply fantastic!

4) Elastic Phone Concept by Sung-Ching Chang

This concept gives both the touchscreen and keypad experience thanks to its collapsing bands. Best of both the worlds!

3) Flip Phone by Kristian Ulrich Larsen

This concept has to be the most delightful one of them all; it features three flexible AMOLED touchscreens and a keyboard on the reverse. Superb!

2) HTC Tube by Antoine Brieux

HTC Tube features a basic outer phone shell that can be supported with variable inner cartridges. What this means is three alternatives (8, 16 & 64GB) are symmetric, but when it comes to the tech specs, it all depends upon the cartridge fitted.

1) BIO Flip Phone by Miyazawa Tetsu & Ichimura Shigenori

The cool a flip phone has a cover that automatically dog-ears up when calls come in. Very bookish and cute!