Travelogue with Total Recall

I have this keen sense of attaching places with certain smells, especially when I’m on vacations. For example, whenever I wear this Armani perfume of mine, it triggers of memories of my trip to Japan, because I used that fragrance on my trip. Likewise, many people associate different images and sounds with their travels. SEED is like a total recall agent that captures the essence of your travels (sights, sounds and smells) so that you can share them with loved ones.

And when you’re in your own melancholy trip, re-live your favorite vacation, using this wonderful device. Bring back those fond memories!

Basically the unit has three purposes: sharing, remembering & guide.


As a sharing device, you can instantly share your entire environment with family and friends using Sync Experience Service. The balloon-shaped device hovers in the air, capturing an aerial view of the place.


The device features a Total Recall Service that amazingly captures the sights, sounds, smells and the mood of the place it records. Kinda like a 4D service!


SEED is a complete tourist guide and can give you a personal tour of your destination. It includes navigation capabilities hence helps you get around the city as well.

A very ambitious project but for travel buffs like me, it’s something we can do with!

Designers: Moonhwan Lee, Nakamura Shohei &YoungWook Jung

[youtube: 600 451]