Travelogue with Total Recall

I have this keen sense of attaching places with certain smells, especially when I’m on vacations. For example, whenever I wear this Armani perfume of mine, it triggers of memories of my trip to Japan, because I used that fragrance on my trip. Likewise, many people associate different images and sounds with their travels. SEED is like a total recall agent that captures the essence of your travels (sights, sounds and smells) so that you can share them with loved ones.

And when you’re in your own melancholy trip, re-live your favorite vacation, using this wonderful device. Bring back those fond memories!

Basically the unit has three purposes: sharing, remembering & guide.


As a sharing device, you can instantly share your entire environment with family and friends using Sync Experience Service. The balloon-shaped device hovers in the air, capturing an aerial view of the place.


The device features a Total Recall Service that amazingly captures the sights, sounds, smells and the mood of the place it records. Kinda like a 4D service!


SEED is a complete tourist guide and can give you a personal tour of your destination. It includes navigation capabilities hence helps you get around the city as well.

A very ambitious project but for travel buffs like me, it’s something we can do with!

Designers: Moonhwan Lee, Nakamura Shohei &YoungWook Jung

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Dimitar Krustev says:

    Nice but i have a question !
    How does it fly with hot air, helium or hydrogen ? Think about the volume of the balloon and the weight lifting weight compared to the lifting capabilities. I made this note, because i had a problem with helium balloons. Otherwise it is a nice concept.

  • Anon says:

    How would you recreate the smells and the mood of a place? The idea is a good one but if that were possible on a large scale as you are proposing wouldn’t we see it in use in television and other places already?

  • al d kid says:

    inspiring concept (disregarding many practicality issues of course)! nice form to the product. your explanatary illustrations are really nice!

  • Vogie says:

    Screw Vacations, I’d like this following me to work, around the house, down the street. And I’m 25 with sound mind. Between being able to retrieve where I put my keys, to having a mobile camera that I could watch my kids with, not to mention a “gps” outside of a phone that we could physically follow to get to specific locations inside buildings. I love it.

  • alice says:

    So what happened with our ability to describe our adventures to our friends and show them photos we took. Most of my friends have a life and wouldn’t want to sit through hours of smellyvision of my trip, neither would i.
    More pointless rubbish we don’t really need using valuable resources.

  • Antoine says:

    Where is it for sale?

  • Friendofowls says:

    Seriously…I’d buy three right now just for my use.

  • mr.mind says:

    One question: what about wind? The weather mostly unstable…
    This device will cause serious damage of outdoor structures (electrical wires , ets.)

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